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You Have Polluted Air In Your Home: Run!

Indoor Air Pollutant Sources

Indoor Air Pollutant Sources

Big Secret:  Very Polluted Air

There is a big secret that really has not been told to the public:  Your house has very polluted air that is up to 5 times worse that the air outside.  That is unless you live in a super polluted city.  Where does the pollution come from? It is certainly time to consider what is in the air inside your home.  Asthma rates are starting to skyrocket.  Americans use an unprecedented amount of chemicals in their homes not considering combined health effects. Pretty scary when you cannot even begin to pronounce what is in it.

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Smoke, a source of indoor air pollution by Amagil

Cigarette Smoke,Indoor Air Pollution,by Amagil

First of all, let’s examine sources of indoor air pollution.  Now if I were to cover the entire source of indoor air pollution, we could be here for days.  When humidity rises in your house, a phenomenon called chemical off-gassing occurs.  Sounds nasty because it is.  Chemicals leach out of everything.  From formaldehyde in your furniture, to VOCs, volatile organic compounds, these cancerous agents affect you health.  That plush carpeting that your toddler like to play on contains:  Toulene, Styrene, Phenyl Cyclohexene, VOCs that are suspected carcinogens.  With new furniture which also puts off VOCs, let the purchased furniture and carpeting remain at the manufacturer for at least a week.  Most of the VOCs are released within 1 week.  If that cannot happen, store in garage for 1 week.  Avoid purchasing any pressed wood because of Formaldehyde. Purchase hardwood. Carpeting is a major issue of indoor air pollution.  It harbors mold, dirt mites, contaminants that the dog brings in etc.  Deep cleaning is an issue.  The underlayment disintegrates over time.  A good friend had old carpeting.  She went to put in hardwood floors and was aghast at the mold growing under that carpeting.  Essentially, the whole carpet was moldy.  People get used to the smell who live with moldy carpeting.

Cigarette Smoke is a Well Known Trigger of Asthma

Smoking in the house just should not be done.  According to Mellisa Hendrick in “Home, Sick Home” there is pretty much a serious noxious brew of known carcinogens:  Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Benzene, nicotine and more.  Growing up in the presence of unfiltered Pall Malls attributed to my asthma.  it is well known to trigger asthma attacks and cause upper respiratory problems in the delicate lungs of children.  Benzene is bad boy that causes leukemia.  If you smoke in the house, make sure the house is well ventilated especially around kid with allergies and asthma.  Smoke outside or not at all.

How to Clean the Air

How to clean the air.  Make sure your house is well ventilated.  Use fans and open the windows.  Let the sun shine in.  Use a basement dehumidifier to prevent mold.  The really important thing to do is to use (allergy) air purifiers in your house even if you do not have allergies. These machines are truly amazing.  They remove 99.97% of contaminants in the air:  bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi(mold), cigarette smoke, pollen, and chemicals.  Hepa filtration is a must because that is what removes the contaminants.

Other features recommended to have:  negative ion generation.  A negative ion generator essentially creates “fresh air’ just like Nature does below a waterfall or near ocean waves.  They create negative ions which are attracted to positively charged contaminants and fall to the ground. Negative ion generators destroy:  Because they create fresh air, this is must component in your air purifier.

Next are  ultraviolet air purifiers or UV-C Light. This germicidal light penetrates the cell walls of microbes causing cellular damage.  UV-C light destroys:  germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi (mold).  UV-C lights have been used in hospitals for years and really should be used in your home.  The benefits are amazing.

Electrostatic air purifiers, according to John Geisel, use the “corona discharge” to create an electromagnetic field.  Depending on what side atoms pass which are neutrally charged pass through and gain either a positive or negative charge depending on which side they pass through.  Because opposites attract, they bind to each other and fall to the floor where they can be swept up.. Hepa filtration is often added to catch the culprit in the air. Electrostatic air purifiers neutralize: germs, bacteria, mold, cigarette smoke and pollen.

 Activated charcoal filters are treated with oxygen which opens millions of pores on the surface.  The pores are incredibly tiny.  Capable of adsorbing the surface area of 60 to 150 acres, it grabs chemical and offending odors.

An impregnated charcoal filter contains an additional chemical: chemisobent” which traps VOCs, cancerous substances in the air.  A strongly recommended addition.

Stop Mold Cold strongly recommends that you purchase and run air purifiers.  You can purchase the best on the market through the best on-line allergy sites that sale top line air purifiers.  Make sure the air purifiers have Hepa filtration.  You can purchase air purifiers with all the above features and super clean the air. Purchase air purifiers for the health of your family and live in clean air.  Click on the following links to get your air purifiers today.  Place them through the house according to square footage.  And do not forget to purchase a basement dehumidifier. Stop by out StopMoldColdStore to clean the air in your home.



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