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Who is Mold’s “Competent Person”?

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

How Do You Know That the Mold Remediation Company Actually Knows What They Are Doing?

How Do You Know That the Mold Remediation Company Actually Knows What They Are Doing?  The average person would not know where to go or what it would mean if he did.  Jason Yost has been around the mold and indoor environmental consulting for 20 years.  Here he explains why peer review is really important and why not all training does not necessarily mean skill.  Do  your research before hiring a mold inspector or mold remediation company.  Read the following article to know what to look for to hire the right contractor.

By Jason Yost

What Makes for a Competent Person in the Mold Industry Today?

This has been a question that many a consumer has struggled with when dealing with mold. Let’s take a look at what the mold remediation industry says about what makes for a competent person in the mold industry today.

In the state of Indiana there are no regulations outlining what a competent person is, so we have to look at the industry Standard of Care for guidance. (The current, legally binding Standard of Care for Mold Remediation is the American National Standards Institute / Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification’s (IICRC) S520. For more information on this Standard, visit the IICRC at

Loosely Defined Standards In Mold Remediation Training/Certification in Indiana

The elementary response we get is that an “individual who is“knowledge, skill, education, training, certification and experience to perform. . .” whatever the given task is needing completed. The complication with such a loose definition is that the Standard of Care does not mention any directories for various professionals that may be required on a mold remediation project. Regardless, utilizing this basic criteria for your contractors helps when reviewing the various acronyms used in the mold remediation industry today for a professional that meets this definition.

Not All Mold Remediation Training Courses Are Equal

I’ll give you a couple of examples:

The definition says the individual should be certified. It doesn’t say they should hold a certificate of completion. The difference is that some titles used in the industry today are just self-designated titles given upon completion of a course by the course provider. Some of these certificates of completion require exams, others do not. Whereas, one who is certified, meets the current National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA) Standard 1100 definition of a certified professional (see

Examples of a certified professional include “independent Indoor Environmental Professionals” (IEPs—a title taken from the IICRC S520) such as Council-certified Indoor Environmentalists, Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultants ( and Certified Industrial Hygienists (, for any assessments you may need performed, and Council certified Microbial Remediators and Council-certified Microbial Remediation Supervisors (, for any remediation needs you may have. (For more on other acronyms used in the industry visit our website at

Look for Mold Remediation Certification with Peer Review for Quality Work

Does certification mean experience and practical knowledge and skill? Not always. That is why it is important to look for certifications that include a peer-reviewing process and an applicant’s experience-base (like those I mentioned above). This is what can be called “board-awarded” and/or “accredited” certifications.

SOLUTIONS Indoor Environmental Consulting is proud to offer service by only those that meet all of the NOCA Standard’s prerequisites for “boardawarded”, “Council-certified”, and“accredited” certification in both assessment (Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant) and microbial remediation supervision (Council-certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor). You’ll notice that my signature always includes a third-party background check of me and my credentials. This is another good way to familiarize yourself with the specific disciplines a individual has in relation to the task you need performed. The Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA at has a great program of background checks for this purpose of any of its members willing to participate. Just search your zip code and click on the members that have a IAQA PRO.FILE.

Author: Jason Yost, CIEC, CMRS, WRT, is owner of SOLUTIONS IEC, and has been in the cleaning, restoration, remediation, mitigation, and IAQ industry for over seventeen years. Jason is an individual member of the Indoor Air Quality Association and a board member of the American Indoor Air Quality Council. Visit Jason’s IAQ PRO.FILE at:

Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant

Council-certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor

Council-certified Structural Drying Supervisor

Council-certified Indoor Environmental Supervisor
Industrial Hygiene Manager

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