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What is Aspergillosis and What Can It do to Me?

Mold Can Make You Sick

There is no question about it; mold can make you sick. Just how sick is a question we will dig into. Turning to the professionals at the Mayo Clinic,  we will look at aspergillosis and see who it affects and why. It is our opinion at StopMoldCold that you should not wait until you get sick because it’s your health. We all need to live in the healthiest home possible void of toxic levels of mold and other pollutants. Having knowledge of specific health conditions and how they can cause certain reactions when exposed to mold is vital information for both the patient and a parent. Bottom line is, mold can make your life miserable. Here’s how…

Aspergilloma Caused by Aspergillus Exposure

Aspergilloma Caused by Aspergillus Exposure

What Is Aspergillosis?

Aspergillosis is a group of illnesses caused by a specific type of mold, aspergillus. These illnesses usually affect the respiratory system. Aspergillus widely occurs indoors and outdoors. For the most part, aspergillus is typically harmless. However, a few strains of Aspergillus can cause serious illness when inhaled by people with weakened immune systems, or people with underlying lung disease or asthma.

For some, Aspergillus spores trigger an allergic reaction. Others end up with mild to serious lung infections. Invasive aspergillosis, the most serious form of aspergillosis, occurs when aspergillosis spreads to the blood vessels and beyond.

Treatment for the type of aspergillosis can involve:

Symptoms/Types of Aspergillosis:

  1. Allergic Reaction:  asthma/cystic fibrosis patients can develop allergic bronchopulmonary  aspergillosis  Symptoms Include:
  1. Fungal mass:  a fungus ball can develop in the air spaces cavities in the lungs, which is a growth of tangled fungus farmers. This type of aspergillosis is called aspergilloma.  Lung cavities* can develop when a person has suffered from pre-existing conditions: emphysema, tuberculosis, advance sarcoidosis.  This condition is typically benign and may not initial symptoms. Over time symptoms:
  1. Infection:  invasive pulmonary aspergillosis is a rapid spreading infection. Starting in the lungs to the bloodstream to the brain, heart, kidneys or skin. This occurs in people whose immune systems weakened, usually with chemotherapy.  Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis Signs/symptoms, which organs are affected, in general, invasive aspergillosis causes:

    Other types of aspergillosis:  Aspergillus can invade other areas of the body, such as your sinuses. It can cause a stuffy nose fever, headache, facial pain, information, drainage, etc.


Aspergillus mold is found both indoors and outdoors and is unavoidable.

Outdoor sources:

Note: Small epidemics have occurred when weakened immune systems were near buildings that were torn down. 

Risk factors Associated with Aspergillosis

Complications of Aspergillosis

Think About It Section:  Aspergillosis is Nothing to Sneeze At!

If you have a child, the asthma it and it is problematic, get a handle on it. Start by eliminating the trigger of mold in your home. You read this article and see that over time your child will become more likely to develop aspergillosis.  He could end up with a fungal ball in his lungs hacking out large amounts of blood while he struggles to breathe. Asthma is scary enough to contend with. If parents saw a commercial of a kid hacking out a lung because he failed to get his asthma under control and was exposed to aspergillus mold,I think they would get the picture. It seems we have to wait to see something really bad and in our faces to believe it.  It needs to be a real person with aspergillosis or it is not as believable as reading this article.

StopMoldCold has encountered far too many people that are unwilling to eliminate the high levels of mold in their house despite the fact that there are children in the home suffering from asthma.  Mold is a known trigger of asthma and as you can see specific types of mold asthma cause some pretty nasty damage. Over time this can be life-threatening.  Letting a child be exposed to mold on a daily basis when they have asthma makes no sense. The point is mold is bad news for your health.  High levels of mold are especially bad for infants, young children, the elderly, anyone with respiratory conditions or has a weakened immune system.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Home Safe?

1.  Keep your home dry; dehumidify your basement with a basement dehumidifier.  Dehumdifers throughout the house as needed.

2.  Use Allergy Air Purifiers throughout the home to Kill Mold

3.  Clean all surfaces with Vital Oxide:  Mold Killing Product

4.  HEPA vacuum all dead mold spores off surfaces.


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