Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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Learn how to stop mold from wreaking havoc on your health, home & possessions. Stop mold; breathe clean air & stay healthy. Key points: How to Kill Mold. 2. How to Prevent Mold.

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What Happens If You Do Not Kill Mold

Do you really think that you have an option to leave mold alone and have its way? Mold is one nasty beast that will haunt you making you feel lousy and eventually making your home uninhabitable. You will feel lousy, your kid’s lungs can have permanent damage and worst case scenario you can end up like Mr. Ballard who lost his high paying banking job because he could not think anymore. Mold exposure can render you disabled and unable to work and enjoy life. It is just not your house that you have to be concerned about. With 50% of all homes/buildings having water intrusion, if the water is not cleaned up within 24 to 48 hours it becomes a home or building with mold growing. Cases of serious mold infestation are cropping up all the time. The folks that suffered through Sandy or Katrina know firsthand of the devastating effects of mold on their homes and their health.

Having a basic understanding of the mold beast is essential. Mold loves warm, dark and damp places. Basements are one of the favorites or maybe a bathroom that is not vented properly. If you are one of those that never go in the basement, don’t be surprised when your children end up with asthma and can’t catch their breath. They may have a biotoxic reaction which is the worst where mold toxins affect every area of the body. Can’t think, breathe, and digest food, always in pain, tired, some children ended up as Type 1 diabetics.

Experts are saying one of the big reasons for the mold problem is builders started building air tight buildings to save on energy costs. The old buildings breathe naturally but they too have their problems. Fresh air coming in helps to clean the air. Yet many folks never open the windows in any season.

If you leave your basement alone leaving to natural forces; it is moldy. Basements naturally have high humidity because they are located below ground level. Check out your basement especially if you never ran a basement dehumidifier. Is there black growing on the joists or does it smell moldy and musty? Sorry but I made you open the door and now the mold spores escaped into the rest of the house. They love to travel and take up new territory such as that upholstered couch in the living room.

If you think that is not true, visit someone with a moldy house. Everything smells moldy. If you strongly react to mold, you will know the second you enter the house. It gets worse over time as the mold reaction changes your ability to smell mold. Take a deep smell of the furniture; it is incredibly moldy.

To kill and prevent mold you must always be vigilant. A sudden leak in the foundation of the basement, a leaky pipe in the bathroom, an ice dam forcing water into your attic, all are things you need to watch for. Anyone can have toxic mold in your homes. No exceptions. If it was not so destructive of health, especially of young children or senior citizens, you would think to yourself: “I don’t feel that bad.” It has been said that everyone has their aches and pains. But if you feel lousy every day of your life, there is something seriously wrong. Great medicine includes looking at the environment around you that can possibly make you sick. Yet there are so few docs practicing what is being advocated.

Killing mold and preventing it mean following 4 main steps:
1. Dehumidify Your Basement with a Basement Dehumidifier
2. Use Allergy Air Purifiers Throughout the Home/Office
3. Clean All Surfaces With Mold Killing Agent/ Throw Out Moldy Belongings
4. Hepa Vacuum All Surfaces to Remove Dead Mold Spores.

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