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Warning: Having Mold Remediation Done by Volunteers Can be Disastrous

Can Volunteers Replace Experience of Professional Mold Re mediators?

Flood Cleanup to Avoid Mold

Flood Cleanup by YTK23

Can Volunteers Replace Experience of Professional Mold Re mediators?   Great question, because most of us know some but not all of what they do.  This is the warning being sent out to the victims of Super Storm Sandy. Think about it, if there is something missed then mold can get a foothold and cause problems.  Professional mold re mediators know where to look and what to do.

Warm Temperatures Will Fuel Mold Growth

There are literally thousands of people that are still not in there homes.  Their wet homes sit awaiting the warm temperatures of spring.  The warm temperatures sound good but in reality it provides what mold needs to grow:  warm, dark and damp. Beware: Mold is explosive in growth. It is can grow within 24 to 48 hours.

If the home was not properly gutted thereby removing all wet materials, mold will grow and can take over quickly. Many folks cannot afford professional mold remediation. It would be in the interest of the government to subsidize mold remediation for these families. Making sure the job is done right the first time was safveeveryone money in the long run.

Can Rapid Response Be Sued?

While the Rapid Response Program coordinated under Mayor Bloomberg, is a good idea, sending untrained volunteers to re mediate what professional mold remediation teams do for a living can lead to disastrous consequences. There is no way to give volunteers all necessary information on mold remediation. There is also the fact that many families await help from Rapid Repair. For those that had Rapid Response help, if it does not stop mold will the homeowner sue?   In the meantime, mold is left to grow unchecked.

Thousands Need Mold Remediation Help

“Thousands of people are still looking to return home or re-open their business with a clean start three months after the storm,” said Edison Severino, Business Manager of Laborers Local 78. “We want to be part of the solution with a comprehensive mold remediation program that creates jobs, provides immediate relief to hard-hit communities, and saves money by making sure the work is done right the first time.”

“I am not been able to return home to Oakwood Beach, Staten Island.” said Cynthia Scarella.  Her house is infested with mold and completely uninhabitable. She notes contractors can be expensive. She’s called Rapid Repairs and has received on the help of volunteers to help her clean however, the bull keeps coming back. She welcomes reliable, affordable assistance through a qualified meet mold remediation companyhas lived for almost 3 months in the dark and cold waiting for the city’s Rapid Repair Program to help them get heat and electricity. In the meantime his basement ceiling is completely infested with mold. He is concerned for the health of the family, and that he does not have the money to fix it.

Big Hearts;Too Little Training

Speakers voice their concerns about proper training to permanently eliminate mold. They believe that dangerous work is being carried out by volunteers and workers with very little training or protections. At this time. Some residents have experience mold coming back after being cleaned.

“The risk of using untrained workers volunteers to perform mold remediation can be great for residents, business owners, and workers.” Said Jorge Roldan of the Mason tenders District Council training fun. New Yorkers need qualified properly trained in fire more mental workers to do it right and safely. The first time.

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