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Warning: Another Moldy Drug Recall – StopMoldCold

Nationwide Recall of All Compounded Products Due to Mold Contamination

MedPrep Consulting Distributes Moldy Vials

Another moldy drug recall from a different compounding company, Med Prep Consulting,  Inc. of Tinton Falls, New Jersey, has been issued.  According to Philly Pharma (Tuesday, March 19, 2013), they report the following company statement:

“nationwide recall of all lots of compounded products due to potential mold contamination.”

MedPrep released a comprehensive statement of recall on March 18th, 2013.  A Connecticut hospital noticed that there visible particulates and contacted MedPrep.  At this time, 5 bags have been discovered :  Magnesium Sulfate 2 g Dextrose 5% for injection compounds tested positive for mold.  The recall statement of cause:

” Voluntary Recall due to Lack of Sterility Assurance”.

What that means that another company was careless with maintaining sterility.  Probably in too much of a hurry. Products packaged in plastic infusion bags, plastic infusion devices, plastic syringes, and glass vials were distributed to:  Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Delaware hospitals.  None of these products were distributed to retail pharmacies or home care agencies for self- administration. Products in plastic syringes were distributed nationwide to physician  offices and clinics.

Med Prep also Recalled All Drugs Manufactured at Tinton Falls Facility:

Acetylcystiene vials

Alteplase syringe

Atropine syringe

Avastin syringe

Aztreonam syringe

Bacitracin vials

Bupivacaine Bag

Bupivacaine Syringe

Bupivacaine OnQ Pump

Calcium Gluconate Bag

Calcium Gluconate syringe

Cefazolin syringe

Cefazolin Bag

Cefepime syringe

Cefepime Bag

Cefotaxime syringe

Cefotetan syringe

Cefoxitin syringe

Ceftazidime syringe

Ceftazidime Bag

Ceftriaxone syringe

Ceftriaxone Bag

Cefuroxime syringe

Cefuroxime Bag

Clindamycin syringe

Darboepoetin (Aranesp) syringe

Dexamethasone Bag

Diltiazem Bag

Dobutamine Bag

Dobutamine syringe

Ephedrine syringes

Epinephrine Bag

Epinephrine Bag

Epinephrine syringe

Epoetin Alfa syringe

Esmolol syringes

Famotidine syringe

Fentanyl Citrate Bag

Fentanyl Citrate with Bupivacaine HCL Bag

Gentamicin syringe

Gentamicin Bag

Glycopyrrolate syringes

Granisetron syringe

Hectoral syringe

Heparin syringe

Heparin bag

Hydromorphone syringe

Hydromorphone Bag

Hydromorphone PCA syringe

LET Gel syringe

LET Soln syringe

Leukine syringe

Magnesium Sulfate bag

Meperidine Bag

Midazolam Bag

Midazolam syringe

Morphine Sulfate Bag

Morphine Sulfate syringe

Norepinephrine bag

Norepinephrine Syringe

Ondansetron Bag

Ondansetron syringe

Oxacillin syringe

Oxacillin Bag

Oxytocin bag

Palanosetron (Aloxi) syringe

Penicillin syringe

Penicillin Bag

Phenylephrine Bags

Phenylephrine syringes

Potassium Chloride Bag

Potassium Phosphate l bag

Ranitidine syringe

Rituxan syringe

Ropivacaine Bag

Ropivacaine OnQ Pump

Sodium Citrate syringe

Sodium Phosphate bag

Succinylcholine syringes

Sufentanil with Bupivacaine Bag

Timentin syringe

MedPrep Consulting inc. also provides a variety of medicines:

*antibiotics * sedatives *pain management meds *electrolyte solutions *cardiac meds *antimetic and a array of other medicines.

Recall conducted of adverse effects with USDA and New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy.  All facilities affected have been notified by fax, electronic mail and mail of recall.  Adverse effects should be reported to FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting Program.

The writer notes:  How did these tainted bags pass through quality assurance and safety checks especially when contaminants were visual? On the bright side, there have been no reports of sickness due to the injections of magnesium sulfate


Philly Pharma  3/13/2013

Med Prep Website 3/18/2013

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