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Useful Tips in Avoiding Asthma Especially in Young Developing Lungs

Baby 7 by WengMeng.Lee:  Babies Need Clean Air

Baby 7 by WengMeng.Lee: Babies Need Clean Air

Babies Need Clean Air

If you are one of the asthmatic people that have troubling breathing during the winter, clean the air. Think about the millions of bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi being killed daily while an allergy air purifier is running. Our houses are so air tight that germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi just flourish in the cooking heat of winter. Throw in the sickness of family members that is not challenged by any fresh air, and then you have continual sickness. Asthmatics have a hard time in winter. Too many kids with asthma have such a rough time recovering from colds that linger in what seems forever. Their lungs tighten and before you know it is a serious lung disease.

Clean The Air With Allergy Air Purifiers

There are a few things that you can do to improve your odds. Use an allergy air purifier at least in the child’s bedroom. Use as many throughout the house as possible. Kill as much of the harmful bacteria, germs, viruses, and fungi in the air as you can. When we breathe or sneeze our diseases are sprayed throughout the air unchallenged with nothing to defeat them. Yet there is something to defeat them. Allergy air purifiers kill 99.97% of all bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi in the air in a particular square footage. You can’t buy one and expect it clean the whole house. Purchase allergy air purifiers and place throughout the house. Since the most common place to find mold is in the basement, it is suggested that you run an allergy air purifiers along with a basement dehumidifier.

Allergy air purifiers have been around for some time. Yet doctors are really not in to preventative medicine to the extent that they should be. If so , everyone would know to use one throughout the house to prevent not just asthma attacks, but also the flu, colds, viruses and so much more. If we do not breathe in that which infects us, will we get sick? There is certainly surface contamination, but that can be avoided by not touching surfaces in a sick person’s room along with cleaning surfaces. You cannot really avoid breathing in contaminated air. Yet you can clean the air and breathe in fresh air.

asthma-s11-mother-helps-daughter3Clean the Air, Please!

Why every asthmatic does not have allergy air purifiers throughout the house is a question to ponder. Asthmatics already have hard time breathing, it makes sense to clean the air and give them a better chance. The likelihood of having an asthma attack in the winter grows by is pretty high. Getting a cold or the flu just worsens the chance of having an asthma attack or constant asthma problems where the lungs feel like someone is squeezing them so you cannot breathe.

If there is a hereditary predisposition to having asthma in your family, give your child an advantage by constantly cleaning the air with allergy air purifiers. Even if you do not have this problem in the genes, the asthma problem is growing in the general population. Young lungs are not fully developed. Having pneumonia or bronchitis can damage young developing lungs that they will not reach their full potential.

Consider the triggers of asthma. Mold exposure is a definitive asthma trigger. Keep the mold levels down by cleaning the air. A hidden leak can cause a mold bloom to occur at any time. Our basements age with time and become susceptible to leaks as foundations give way to ground water pressure. Mold is known not only to trigger asthma attacks but also to cause asthma itself.

The many benefits of using allergy air purifiers cannot be understated. Cleaning biological contaminants from the air in addition to cleaning the air of harmful chemicals can keep young people from developing potentially harmful disease like cancer while also preventing asthma attacks. The many chemicals we breathe in because of a phenomenon called chemical off-gassing are toxic. One of the side effects of being so blessed with so many possessions is the fact that what we own is full of chemicals. These chemicals leach out when exposed to high humidity. It is not only vital to clean the air with allergy air purifiers but also important to lower humidity with dehumidifiers. This is especially true of high humidity in the basement.

Another important thing to consider in using natural solutions to reduce asthma attacks: keep the heat low to not dry out the air. Hot dry air is hard to breathe in. Set containers of water around preferably out of the reach of small children. Humidify the air. Use caution in using humidifiers as they can get moldy.

Frequent cleaning of surfaces helps: dust and then periodically hepa vacuum all surfaces. Hepa filtration captures mold, bacteria, viruses, germs and pollen etc. into a hepa filter. There is an amazing 99.97% success rate of sucking up dust and all of the rest of the nasties. The duo of cleaning surfaces and the air just makes so much sense. This should be part of traditional medicine to help prevent asthma attacks.

Successful Use of Allergy Air Purifiers to Prevent Asthma Attacks

To get the best results, use allergy air purifiers year round. Think of allergies and pollen counts. Keep them low. As soon as you open the door or a window, in comes the pollen. Pollen is also a known trigger. As mentioned before, as the weather gets more humid and the rainy season contributes to humidity, keep the allergy air purifiers running to catch the rise in mold spores and chemical off-gassing. Addressing indoor air pollution is also essential. Since there are more than one way for asthma attacks to occur, removing chemicals and other indoor air pollutants also help the lungs to have a break from attacks. Multiple chemical sensitivity attacks occur when a person reacts to strong scents. Perfumes often trigger this reaction. Some cannot breathe with this condition and require an emergency inhaler. Strong scents and chemicals are also known triggers for an asthma attack. In reality, scientists believe that chemicals in the air can be triggers of cancer. Breathing in these chemicals is not good for anyone. Consider the young lungs of children. An interesting thought: Can exposure to indoor air pollutants cause asthma in young developing lungs? Would these children not develop asthma in other conditions?

Add a Basement Dehumidifier for Ultimate Results

Since mold usually starts in a basement, stop this known trigger of asthma attacks by preventing mold in the basement. There is no way to stop mold growth without dehumidifying the basement. Since basements are naturally dark, damp and warm, the perfect environment is present for mold growth. This is also applies for any humid area in the house. If you cannot bring the humidity down in a specific area of your home, use a dehumidifier. There are dehumidifiers for any room and any purpose.

Staying Free of Asthma Attacks

Clean the air and the surfaces of triggers. Using allergy air purifiers year round are absolutely necessary to eliminate triggers. Kill mold and prevent mold in your home. Using a basement dehumidifier and allergy air purifiers are weapons to clean the air. Keep the house cool. Introduce fresh air to keep indoor air pollution at a minimal influence. Opening the windows should be done year round.

Live Healthy…Be Happy
Here are a Few Mind Blowing Asthma Facts:
1.  According to The American Asthma Foundation:  Almost 1 in 9 kids have asthma.  This statistic keeps rising which set off alarms.
2.  Asthma is the “single most prevalent cause of childhood disability.  AAF
3.  Asthma strikes the poor inner city children at an alarming rate of at least 50% of developing asthma. These kids often fall behind in school.  AAF
4.  13 Million days of school missed due to asthma. AAF
5.  Medical treatment for asthma only partially controls asthma with even the best treatments.
6.  Some asthmatics do no respond to the best treatments.
7.  There is 11% if elderly population with asthma.
8.  Most deaths from asthma are usually occurs in adults.

We would like to thank the American Asthma Foundation for this information.  Visit this site at:American Asthma Foundation

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