Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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The Attack of Moldy, Gas, and Chemical Filled Homes

 Invisible Moldy, Gas Filled Homes Suck out The Energy

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Ever wonder why you can barely move in the summer? When it gets really hot and humid, the temperature goes in the 90’s and the humidity joins it. You are sucked of every bit of energy.  You think it is just the heat and humidity. There is the invisible moldy,gas filled home sucking every bit of energy out of you right alongside of their buddies ,heat and humidity; mold and gasses flow right on out into the air floating around invisible to the eye doing damage. Over time, many of us end up with some nasty conditions like cancer, asthma or emphysema.  How many times have you heard:  “I never smoked a cigarette in my life!” But I will retort:  “But you lived in a ridiculously polluted home which you never left and probably bought some of the most toxic cleaning chemicals on the market to have a ‘clean ‘home”!

What does it cost you?

1.You are breathing in polluted air in your home 2 to 5 times worse than what is outside.

2.  Asthma rates are on the rise!  Your kids are at a much higher risk of children developing asthma. Where is the clean air at? We clean with the most toxic chemicals spewing all kinds of nasty stuff into the air. What does that do to the delicate lungs of children?  Asthma anyone?

3.  We spend 90% of our time inside trapped in gas, mold and chemical filled air doing nothing to change the air we breathe.

4.  Who owns air purifiers unless they are sick?  StopMoldCold believes that everyone should own air purifiers. We just think our house is “clean” because we ran the sweeper.

5.  In reality, there is no escaping the multitude of man-made chemicals that surround us.  There are attempts to limit them and ways to improve the air we breathe.

6.  Building up your immune system only makes all the more sense.  Fighting the invisible attacks in our homes require an offense.  Having a balanced life, eating well, sleep, balancing stress, all are important. To charge my immune system, I use Laminine.  I invite you to do the same.

Mold Cleaners You Own

Here are some challenging thoughts.  Maybe we should rethink how many cleaning products we need. Baking soda is an old standby.  How about Borax?  Young mothers never heard of  it.  These 2 products are natural mold killers. Here are some ideas on how to make your own mold killers. They just might already be handy.

The StopMoldCold Chemical Cleaner Challenge

Take a piece of paper and go to the closet where the cleaning chemicals are safely tucked away. Start listing them all. How many do you have.  Make sure you have them all and include the ones that may be stored in the basement or outside in the shed or garage. This includes any exterior cleaners, polishes, fresheners, bathroom cleaners, drain cleaners, sprays, etc (and the boxes of chemicals you stored down stairs to throw away should be included ) and even your dish soap.  If it cleans, it has chemicals in it.  This does not include any personal items as that is a separate list. This could have you making lists all night, but for now just make a list of what you use to clean.  Don’t forget products to clean the windows.

NastyChemicals Spill Into the Air dammachild

Add up how many chemicals you have.  If you really want to be a good student,  look at what chemicals are in it. Maybe check to see what the chemicals do. Companies count on us not to do that. What did you spend on all those cleaners.?There are products on the market that will not add to the indoor air pollution and to the incidence of asthma and aggravation of chronic disease.

StopMoldCold Core Beliefs and Why

If you are at this site you will see that you need to have a basement dehumidifier running, air purifiers cleaning the air and a quality HEPA filtration vacuum. Why does StopMoldCold make such a big deal about these items? In the context of this article, here is why.

1.  Basement dehumidifiers dry the air removing the moisture mold needs to grow.  It also helps to reduce chemical off gassing another nasty problem.

2.  This is not to say that dehumidifiers in general are not important.  It is to say that if you have a basement, it is wet because it is located below ground.

3.  Air purifiers kill mold in the air as well as germs, bacteria, other fungi, viruses and are also capable of adsorbing chemicals as well as producing fresh air. This helps to balance out the constant attack on our immune systems by constant exposure to toxins in the air we breathe.

4.  Quality HEPA vacuums do a phenomenal job of capturing dead mold spores.  Dead mold spores still evoke a reaction and must be captured after they are killed.

In addition to using mold killing products, these are the mold killing appliances needed in every home however you get them. Rent, borrow, or purchase, but please don’t steal them.  If you would like to sign up for the Healthy Home Newsletter, fill in the contact form below.


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  1. Right on! A healthy body starts with a healthy home. Open those windows, get rid of the source of the mold and chemicals (carpets, wet insulation, etc.) and start boosting your body’s natural defenses. Invest in a home air purifier and ioniser, and get taking Laminine!

  2. Judy Garcia says:

    Great very informative. Let the fresh air in. Live life with Laminine.

  3. Great post, Judy. Love fresh air and hate mold. Seems like a “no-brainer”

  4. Deana Hodell says:

    Great information shared Judy. Mold is a killer, we fresh air and less toxins in our homes. For those who are suffering from mold related illness, take Judy’s advice, and start taking Laminine.

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