Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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Learn how to stop mold from wreaking havoc on your health, home & possessions. Stop mold; breathe clean air & stay healthy. Key points: How to Kill Mold. 2. How to Prevent Mold.

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Stop Mold: Mold Allergies Can Make You Sicker Than You Think

Chronic Pain Throughout the Body

Chronic Pain Throughout the Body

Prevent Mold:  Stop Mold Allergies and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Prevent mold:  mold allergies and chronic inflammatory response syndrome. Why you should prevent mold:  Mold exposure can affect everyone in the home.  Mold exposure implies that there is a significant amount of mold in the home.  Usually a mold and mildew smell is present.  Different reactions can occur to confuse the matter.  Pay attention to the myriad of symptoms that can occur.

I. People react to mold. In fact, mold can greatly affect your health.

1. Mold triggers mold allergies.

*Coughing    *wheezing   *stuffy nose   *irritated eyes   *upper respiratory problems.

“Very often people don’t really know what the problem is. They have an allergic reaction, lots of sinus drainage, lots of upper respiratory problems, and it doesn’t last for just a month or two. This goes on for 12 months a year. It is not a minimal problem- it can really change your life.”

Dr. John Martyny,

Industrial Hygienist

National Jewish health Center

Web M.D.

3. Asthma attacks are triggered by mold. Far better to prevent asthma attacks by preventing mold than to use an inhaler. Asthma can be fatal. Many parents do not equate basement mold with asthma attacks.

4. Normal reaction to mold: feeling lousy in your home, not realizing why. Leave your home: feel better. More serious problem for everyone living in with mold: mold can produce VOCS (volatile organic compounds), which many VOCs are considered carcinogenic.  VOCs threaten health.

Mold Illness Can Have Serious Effects

5. Mold illness: a very serious condition. Dr. Richie Shoemaker calls this condition: chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS). The symptoms are an overwhelming list that is hard to believe.

*Fatigue.                                             *Red Eyes                                         * Muscle Cramps

*Unusual Pain                                    *Morning Stiffness                        *Ice Pick Pain

*Tearing                                               *Blurred Vision                               *Weakness

*Cough Shortness of Breath        *Sinus Problems                              * Aches

*Abdominal Pain.                            *Diarrhea                                           *Joint Pain.

*Headache                                          *Light Sensitivity                            *Focus/Concentration issues.

*Word Recollection Issues           *Memory Issues                              *Decreased Learning

*Confusion                                          *Disorientation                                 *Skin Sensitivity

*Mood Swings                                   *Sweats, Especially Night Sweats

*Appetite Swings                              *Temperature Regulation; Dysregulation Problems.

Dr. Richie Shoemaker

Surviving Mold

Knowing the Difference Between Mold Illness and Mold Allergies

For the most part, mold allergies only have symptoms:  sneezing coughing stuffy nose, itchy eyes, upper respiratory problems.  CIRS list involves every system in the body and is quite complex.  If you have some/many of these symptoms, get tested by mold doctor.  There is a myriad of blood tests that will confirm the diagnosis along with a physical history & physical analysis.  Dr. Richie Shoemaker estimates that 25% of the population has a genetic ability to suffer from Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. The fact that NIH states the 50% of homes/buildings have water intrusion. Ignoring water intrusion means mold. This presents problematic mold for many people. Notice that the folks with mold illness also have mold allergy symptoms which is confusing.

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