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Smoking, Mold and Asthma

Smoke, a source of Indoor Air Pollution by AmagilSmoking, Mold and Asthma:

If your child has asthma and you smoke, you probably are the culprit in many of the attacks. The doctor probably told you to quit. You probably in you mind make the connection of smoking, mold and asthma.  But you are in denial.  Nevertheless,you absolutely need to keep the basement mold free. And while you are at it, clean the basement on a regular basis.  Run a basement dehumidifier.  Mold and cigarette smoke is a nasty combo.  Here are some solid facts on how it helps to create indoor air pollution:

2.  House has a hideous harsh cigarette smoke smell that is constant and harsh to breathe.
3. Change your clothes after smoking because your clothes absorb the smoke, especially before interaction with your kids.
4.  With humidity, black cigarette soot on walls gets moldy.
5.  Moldy basement contributes with cigarette to asthma attacks of child.
6.  Smoking indoors in winter without opening the window causes asthma attacks.
7.  Indoor air pollution is greatly increased by mold from basement and 4,000 chemicals of cigarette smoke released.
8.  Stale, dry air of heated, cigarette, smoke, moldy air of smoker home causes asthma attacks and respiratory infections for asthma patient.
9. You are ruining you own health.
10.  I can start another page with your health problems including development of COPD, emphysema, weight loss, general poor health.

Are You Hurting Your Kids By Smoking?

If they have asthma, cigarette smoking is triggering  some of their attacks.  How many reasons do you need to quit smoking?  Indoor air pollution is 2 to 5 times worse in homes without cigarettes! Scientists do not know fully what 4,000 chemicals released into the air from cigarettes do mixed with mold from the basement for an asthmatic child is certainly being behind an enormous 8 ball.  How much more with you smoking? Remember, kids do what they see.  It is a big responsibility to provide the best environment for your children.If you are going to smoke inside, here are a few must tips; especially if any children are involved:

1.  Open the windows.
2.  Grow plants inside.
3.  Use air purifiers.
4.  Designate 1 area which will be closed off to smoke. (smoking room where the children are not to enter).
5.  No smoking in the car if children are in it. Or not at all.
6.  Wash your walls frequently.
7.  Run a basement dehumidifier. Make sure there is no mold in the basement.

Smoking, Mold, And Asthma:  What Medicine Has to Say:

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Why did I Lump Smoking, Mold and Asthma?

I grew up with smoking, mold and asthma.  My mom was a 2 pack of unfiltered Pall Malls I will never open a window smoker.  A young widow with 6 kids,it was her coping mechanism.  She is my hero.  Our basement was the typical old mildly moldy basement. As mom grew older, she shut all the windows.  I would wake up in what was a white cloud . The upper respiratory infections started.  Soon I was on inhalers and the sinus infections began. My mom was a simple woman who worked hard and provided as much as she could.  She did not relate the smoking, mold and asthma.  Neither did I.  I just thought I had allergies and so did she. Did she realize that I had trouble with allergies and asthma partly due to her smoking?  I think so back of her mind.


  1.  Quit smoking especially if you have children. Since it’s addicting, get help.
  2.  Buy air purifiers to clean the air.
  3.  Follow steps to kill and prevent mold.

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