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School Teacher Abandons Condo Over Mold Growth

Mold Remediation Needed

Mold Remediation Needed

Mold Destroyed Palm Springs Condo

Rita Siegel knew she was in trouble when she touched a cardboard box in a closet and it was wet. She lifted the box, rolled back the carpeting, and saw water seeping in from the condominium next-door. She was overcome by the smell of mold. She did not realize that mold destroyed her condo at the time. Her mold destroyed condo meant that she or no one else could live in it due to extensive toxic mold.

The Source of Mold Growth Invasion:

Water leaked in from of baking condominium next-door. Water soaked to the wall and infiltrated read his Palm Springs home. Mold grown are clothes, furniture and carpeting. She moved out waited for the problem to be re mediated.

14 months later, Siegel had been moving from hotel to hotel. She went back to her home to find that it was still covered with tarps, but an inspection revealed that the mold was still there.

Household mold when extensive is not so easy to fix.  It presents an array of challenges. Complications for people living in condominiums/apartments arise when disputes erupt over responsibility for payment for work to kill the mold and eliminated.

Extensive Toxic Mold Leaves Condo Uninhabitable

“Nobody can live in there. The smell is horrendous,” said Siegel, wearing a mask to avoid breathing in mold.  “It’s unlivable and hazardous.”

Rita is a 69-year-old former schoolteacher with fibromyalgia. She is particularly sensitive to mold growth and cannot be exposed to it.

No one Claims Responsibility.  Time for a Mold Lawsuit?

She is really bugged about it. She cannot rent it, sell it, or live in it because a mold. She’s really mad. She accuses the homeowners association, insurance company and the bank that own the condo at the time, of not doing their job. They did not address the hazardous condition in the condo. The homeowners association and insurance company for denying those accusations. In their eyes, they acted properly dealt with the situation. Siegel only has one option; go to court. Professional mold remediation is what was needed not handymen.

“Condo is a hot potato,” said Siegel.” They still don’t want to pay all the money to fix it.”

Researchers have found that mold growth has been associated with various respiratory conditions such as asthma, restrictive airway disease, emphysema… There are many homes across the country with mold problems.

For More Mold Info:

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April 23, 2013

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