Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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Research Into Effects of Mold on Infants and Children

 Infant Exposure to Mold With Asthma:

Results of research conducted by University of Cincinnati

Exposure to Mold Spores During Infancy

Exposure to mold spores during infancy could possibly explain what is considered a disproportionately high rates of asthma among children living in low income housing.  A seven-year research study conducted by the University of Cincinnati,  “shows there is a strong link between infant exposure to mold and asthma.” This could explain the high occurrence of childhood asthma in the New York City Housing Authority.

Clean the Air for Me:  Baby Bentrup by paparutzi

Clean the Air for Me: Baby Bentrup by paparutzi

 Mold and Asthma Occurrence in Infants/Children

Purpose of the study was “to determine whether mold exposure at the ages of one and or seven years or associated with asthma at the ages of seven years.” They took dust samples from homes and evaluated for mold by using the ERMI(Environmental Relative Moldiness Index).  This method is the most highly accurate testing method available which identifies specific types of mold by their DNA components. “This enables researchers to distinguish between toxic molds and other species common to indoor molds; as well as their concentrations on a scale between- 10 and 20.” Why this testing is considered so value is it has the ability to detect the presence of toxic mold and indoor environment even when you cannot actually see  any toxic mold.  As noted, dust sampling was performed in homes of children ages 1 to 7 years old. Each year children were evaluated for asthma until they reached 7. All data was compiled evaluated until conclusions were drawn.

Study findings:  How to Prevent Mold and Low Asthma Risk

Children who live in in a high ERM I value of ( ≥  5.2) home at age 1 have more than twice the risk of developing asthma as compared to those with home values of less than (≤5.2.). Children living in air-conditioned homes were also at reduced risk of asthma development. This supports the fact that interventions designed to improve air quality or clean the air by reducing / eliminating mold and other airborne pathogens will decrease risk of developing asthma  at infancy.  HEPA(high efficiency particulate air) filtration or air sanitizer unit would be considered an intervention as well as routine vacuuming. Using a HEPA vacuum would include vacuuming carpets, drapes, poster upholstered furniture, as well as frequent laundering of bed linen would help reduce exposure to mold thus reducing the effects of mold especially on infants.  Note is important to have a quality HEPA rated vacuum.

Recommendations:  Best Ways to  Lower Chances of Developing Asthma

Controlling indoor air quality can be a challenging when living in a multiunit housing complex. The winter months when your windows are closed during this period present challenges.  Most  fresh air coming into your apartment is through air vents the building’s hallways as well as in your bathroom or kitchen. Many vents can have large the amounts of dust, mold, soot and other debris  that can compromise indoor air quality and your health. A recommendation is to remove and vacuum the air vent grille and louvers with your HEPA vacuum to reduce these airborne pollutants that are considered a temporary measure. For many this is not practical option as removing the vent grille can be a problem.

The best way to improve indoor air quality is to use HEPA rated air filters where sanitizers. Understanding how these devices will work will help you decide which technology is best suited for your needs.

Passive versus Active Air Cleaners

Passive air purifier systems clean the air as it is drawn into the unit. This involves a HEPA filter media, and ultraviolet light, or possibly electrostatic charge to trap indoor airborne particles to collection plates. Active air purifiers treat air outside of the unit. Ionization causes airborne  pollutants in the air to come together and fall out of the air. A catalytic engine in the unit  disperses cleaning agents in the air, destroying biologic key contaminants which are suspended in the air thereby falling on  flat surfaces.   This is accomplished without use of filter media.  Filter media can require frequent replacement maintenance which is a major difference between passive and active air air purifiers.  HEPA units, unlike active systems are used primarily a first rooms and are not intended for the whole house. For example, an IQ air purifier might cover a 1500 ft.² area.  This will cover an average sized apartment room at home. This will provide excellent mold killing ability in a room.

Test For Toxic mold

The good news is most of the mold we come into contact is really not a hazard to your health or well-being. However when mold comes in contact with moist air or water, it then has a food source and starts to colonize and release mold spores into the air just like pollen release spores in order to propagate which can seriously affect health   The real problem begins in that you may be exposed to mold spores and not be aware of it. The only safe way to know is to test her home or work space for mold.

 Ermi Testing is the Only Way to Get Accurate Testing of Toxic Mold

The most accurate way is to use only testing for toxic mold. Collecting dust samples in areas of your home/workspace and sending the samples to a laboratory for analysis is how this test is performed. Purchase a test kit and collect the dust samples and send them away for a reevaluation. Lab tests are able to correctly identify 36 different species of toxic mold by evaluating DNA signatures. This testing method is far more accurate than traditional air screening test that methods. ERMI test give range in price from honor $65 to 250. This includes lab work and reports. Diagnosing and treating mold related health disorders are based require looking at these lab reports for an accurate diagnosis. More information on finding an ERMI testing company will be provided below. Links to purchase air purifiers will also be provided. If you should need assistance the following mold Dr., please contact us at



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The Think Box:  StopMoldCold Puts In Observations:

For the most part, to prevent mold it is necessary to keep your home dry and clean. Clean frequently.  This is accomplished by frequent cleaning using the best HEPA vacuum one can afford.  Sweep everything as mold can grow in dirt.  Keep it dry as mold also needs moisture to grow. Using a dehumidifier if it stays wet is recommended if using an air conditioner does not do the job.  Air purifiers are also necessary to kill mold in the air.  Get the best you can afford. It is also recommended to use a mold killing product on surfaces such as Vital Oxide which also stops mold growth for up to 7 months. Realizing how delicate the lungs are especially of an infant should help to remind us that we must provide the freshest air possible to ensure healthy lungs. The effects of mold on delicate lungs can be disastrous and permanent.





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