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Renter’s Rights: Mold Growth Makes You Violently Sick

Headache From Mold and Indoor Air Pollution

Headache From Mold and Indoor Air Pollution

Renter’s Rights Concerning Mold Growth

Houston Amy Davis, investigative reporter, says they get a lot of calls concerning mold and apartments.  People wonder how to get apartment managers to get rid of mold. They also need to know what renter’s rights concerning mold growth are.

Mold Allergy Symptoms

For instance, Paul Bloom called consumer expert Amy Davis when he thought mold in his apartment was making him sick. “I’ve had the fatigue, joint pain,” Bloom told Davis.He had the symptoms for months.  He discovered mold inside the wall of his unit were the air conditioning unit was located. The mold was black, growing up the walls and also on the bottom where Bloom surmised that the A/C condensing unit have been dripping for months.

Reporting Mold Growth to Apartment Management

He reported the mold to apartment management and King. Maintenance workers came sprayed some sort of bleach and water mixture to spray the walls and wipe it off. But they really needed to do more. “It needs to be remediated in all of the stuff that’s in my apartment needs to be professionally clean,” Bloom said.

No one in the leasing office will talk about it.  Allergist Dr. Carlos Vital warned that mold allergies can be very serious.

“Mold can cause an array of symptoms depending on the individual,” said fight.

Mold contract triggers asthma attacks in some yet may not affect other people. Most landlords have a standard mold addendum that requires tenants to sign along with the lease agreement. This is how they get out of responsibility for mold problems.

Federal Guidelines: How to Clean Mold 

The EPA recommends cleaning mold affected area was so of water, letting it dry and then spring in place are Pine-Sol. If you do this, you have complied. “Federal guidelines do not state what is the acceptable level of mold indoors “said Vital. Because of that, people who are supersensitive to mold might have to find a new place that suits their health. By law, landlords are required to pair any condition that affects health and the safety of the occupants; however, this does not pertain to people with respiratory issues or mold sensitivity.

When trying to convince your complex to more thoroughly remediate your apartment, a doctor’s note might help them spread her or convince them to move you to unit without mold issues. Yet mold lawsuits do occur.

Blog comments:  The question of how to get rid of mold is not addressed in this article.  Porous items such as drywall become saturated with mold and require mold killing products other than bleach.  Bleach cannot penetrate drywall and kill the mold.  Bleach will only work on hard surfaces like concrete.  It is however hard on the lungs and not recommended. Mold killing products like Vital Oxide will do this and more.

Know How to Kill and Prevent Mold

Renters need to be aware of how to kill and prevent mold.  This is not common knowledge as is illustrated in this article.  Take care of leaks immediately as they fuel mold growth.  See:


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Amy Davis, Investigative Reporter.

April 25, 2013


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