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Prevent Mold: Cluttered Basement Prepare For Mold Invasion

Prevent Mold:  Cluttered Basements Mean Mold

Prevent Mold:  Avoid Clutter Messy Basement by tsakshaug

Prevent Mold: Avoid Clutter Messy Basement by tsakshaug

Prevent Mold:  Cluttered Basements Mean Mold:   If you are one of those people, that love to throw people stuff into the basement or make piles of boxes is high is the ceiling, then you’re a crafty mold creator. Row by row, there’s more room for another pile of boxes that you will never get to. These boxes are full of treasures and valuable items that you can part with. Or maybe you are a “floor coverer” that likes to throw as many items on the floor about a foot to 2 or 3 feet deep.   Others say these things are for that eventual yard sale. They’re just too busy to have the sale.

Now How Does a Pile Boxes Create Mold?

The fact that there is no circulation in the basement and because of rows and rows of cardboard boxes and it’s already wet, mold was created. Dirt piles upon the boxes. Condensation occurs because the basement is naturally wet. Since mold loves warm, dark, damp places, it eats away at the boxes turning them into toxic black mold entities. . The lack of air circulation only complicates matters feeding quicker mold growth.

Prevent Mold, Kill Mold, Throw Out the Boxes and Clean the Basement.

First things first, take everything outside to sort. No one will buy moldy smelly stuff so now you have a bigger project of going through the stuff and throwing out what cannot be sold. Then you have to wash the rest. No one wants to buy moldy, smelly items.  Some of us end up just throwing out the whole load in disgust.  Throw out the unsalable moldy items. Wash off and air out the rest.  Set a quick date for the yard sale.  Determine not to place items back into basement.  Back – up plan:  donate to charity.  Clean the basement.  Do a thorough job.  Recommend Vital Oxide which kills mold on contact. Sweep the basement thoroughly as mold can grow in dirt.

Key to Preventing Mold:

1. Keep the basement dry. Burn this fact into your head.
2. Dehumidify your basement: run a basement dehumidifier.
3. Clean your basement, two times a year. Run a HEPA filtration vacuum to get rid of the dirt. Mold grows in dirt.
4. Fix leaks ASAP.
5. Don’t let your basement cluttered again. This could mean not letting anyone go to yard sales.


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