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Prevent Basement Mold: Spring Cleaning

Kill Mold:  Sweep It Right Up

Kill Mold: Sweep It Right Up

Spring Time Cleaning:  Clean the Basement

When making your list of places to clean in the spring, do not forget the basement.  Basements get dirty just like any other place. Key Point:  Mold can easily grow in dirt in the basement. Basement mold is a bigger problem than most think. Most cases of mold start in the basement according to the National Institute of Health.  Once the basement door is opened, basement mold escapes into the rest of the house.  This is why there is a great emphasis at this site to keep the basement dry by using a basement dehumidifier, and keeping the basement neat and clean free of clutter. Therefore, spring time cleaning must also mean clean the basement. A little health note for you:  asthma rates are on the rise and allergies certainly can be a problem and mold is certainly a trigger for both.  Keep your home as free of mold as possible.

Prevent Basement Mold:  Thorough Basement Cleaning

To thoroughly clean the basement, move out as much as you can. Get rid of any paper, card board boxes because mold can grow rather quickly on them.  Sort and throw out what you can no longer use or what is moldy. Dust off what is to be stored in basement. Sweep every square inch of the basement, even the walls and rafters. When done, wipe all surfaces with a mold killing product such as Vital Oxide. Remember that mold grows on dirt and needs a moisture source.  Keep an eye out for water intrusion from cracks in the foundation, flooding, leaks etc and you will prevent basement mold.

Clean the Basement Twice a Year to Prevent Basement Mold

To prevent basement mold, follow the above steps every year. Check for leaks and moldy items.  Realize that mold loves:  warm, dark and damp places.  This will give you a chance to check to see that the basement dehumidifier is running to dehumidify your basement properly. Use a hygrometer to determine humidity level.

Other Musts to Prevent Basement Mold:

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