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One Horrible Day In The Life of a Biotoxic Mold Patient

The super humid, hot days of summer are killing me.  They do every year.  But today was one of the worst I have seen in a while.  I could barely lift my head off the pillow but if I did not get up it would actually be worse.  My husband came home from working all nite and sat with me in the yard resting.  I was counting the minutes to going to bed.  My head pounding, throbbing and was being crushed.   My husband went to bed  while I sat in a chair with my eyes closed.  Eventually I could move but I felt horrible knowing that the severe headache would return tonight.

How Rotten You Can Feel With Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Sat down to work on my on-line business.  When done, I could not remember what I was working on.  Cannot concentrate; that was being blocked by a silent merciless force.  Great day not to pay bills.   Worked and made myself finish my one section until my neck starting to stiffen.  Time to put a pillow over my eyes and sleep.  Been doing a lot of that lately.  It is not my age.  It is that biotoxic reaction to mold.  My head feels like I want to run from it.  Drugs do nothing.  I must make myself move anyway.

Gave up on having a job outside the home.  I need to lay down with these attacks.  I look perfectly normal; a deception that fools everyone even the doctors that treat me.  The only one that understands somewhat is my husband.  He usually hears me not able to finish my sentences and that blank look in my eyes.

People really need to understand that this biotoxic reaction to mold kills your health.  My last blog was on chronic fatigue.  This is the headache blog describing eternal headaches that make you grouch at people unknowingly.   It just gets a little better or a lot worse.  I cannot stand the sound of loud music bright lights grow the pain in my head.  It has been this way for 5 years.  And the list of headache triggers keeps growing.

Treatment Failed

One of the 6 neurologists that treated me told me that I was the unlucky soul to have low frequency periodic headaches.  A small percentage has them all the time.  So I seem to always be the exception to the rule.  The trick is learning to live in pain without becoming a mean sucker.  Who wants to be around a mean, miserable soul? Sometimes I don’t want to be around myself.  Pity my husband.
The migraines I have just stop you dead.   Go to bed, take the Imitrex and pray that it will work even a little.  And take something to help you sleep.  Usually a concoction works.  Sleep is really important especially when sleep deprivation can cause a series of seizures for me.  No license, no life.

Depending on the trigger, (which are numerous also), the severe headache and fatigue can last for days.  The big triggers are:  exposure to direct light, cold, heat, physical exertion for any amount of time, psychological stress, lack of sleep, and any sickness. Rest is key to avoiding migraines.  Shopping at Walmart also does me in.

Mold Illness:  The Source of My Problems

The source of most  of my problems has been explained to me:  mold exposure.  My house is not mold free enough. We cannot do all of the remediation.  We will be moving very soon.  Hopefully then, I will resume treatment to kill all the mold toxins and the ridiculous chain of cytokine responses that constantly take place.

If you are one of the unlucky (25% chance of having this condition according to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker) than you need to be evaluated.  Kill mold in your house and take all the steps listed at this site to prevent mold at all times.  For now, I need to go back and lay down.  It’s still super humid.  Mold is having a field day.

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