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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

As a service to our readers, guest medical practitioners  and others are invited to contribute help people with the complex issues associated with mold allergies, biotoxic reaction to mold ( mold illness) and other responses such as multiple chemical sensitivity. There articles are greatly appreciated.  People with this issue cannot breathe in strong scents especially from chemicals in the environment from many sources. My experience usually leads to restrictive breathing relieved by a rescue inhaler:  Albuterol.

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  Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

By Dr. Mike Greenberg

The multiple chemicals sensitivities (MCS) syndrome is an illness in which various symptoms are blamed on various environmental chemical exposures.  Symptoms are often vague and include fatigue, muscle pains, nausea an memory loss.  Confirmation of sensitivities may be verified with the Alcat blood test or kinesiological(muscle testing) procedure.

What Are the Symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

Since symptoms can vary from one person to another, there is no set of defined criteria for MCS syndrome.  However, MCS syndrome appears to occur more commonly in adults and primarily in women.  people affected by MCS describe symptoms in relation to environmental exposures especially odors.  Most commonly, the sources of these odors include perfumes, scented products, solvents and cleaning agents, new carpet, air pollution, plastics, formaldehyde and cigarette smoke.

Other people with MCS are affected by specific foods, food additives, medications, and mercury in dental fillings.  More recently, MCS syndrome has been blamed on silicone breast implants and has been associated with the chemicals use in combat.

What Are The Possible Causes of MCS Syndrome?

Various theories have been proposed as a cause of the MCS syndrome.  These have included immunologic, toxicologic, psychologic, and sociologic theories.  Some experts related the cause of MVS syndorme to an autoimmune or immunodefieciency causes, triggered by chemicals in the environment.

How is MCS Treated?

Dr. Mike Greenberg is a holistic practitioner is available at Plastikos Surgery & Millennium Healthcare to eliminate allergies to chemicals, silicone, mold, parabens and other related sensitivities from the environment.  Dr. Mike has been eliminating allergies for almost 20 years.  The allergy technique is natural, safe and gentle.   Each allergy usually takes a few sessions to resolve; some allergies are complex and require a little more time.  Dr. Mike has effectively treated infants and toddlers for food allergies, which indicates the treatment it is not a placebo.  Often holistic solutions to resolve health issues takes years to be accepted by traditional medicine.  There are approximately 10,000 health-care professionals worldwide providing the allergy technique.

To contact Dr. Mike:  call – (770)-390-0012



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