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Moldy Kitchen Utensils In Your Kitchen?

What Moldy Kitchen Utensils Make You Sick?

Moldy Kitchen Utensils?

Moldy Kitchen Utensils?

What moldy kitchen utensils make you sick?  April 5, 2013 NSF International released a germ study of what germs and where germs spread specifically in American kitchens. Microbiologist studied 14 every day kitchen items in homes in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They discovered many kitchen items used to make food cause food borne illness. They looked at 14 common kitchen items for presence of four different type of organisms: E. coli, salmonella, yeast, mold, and Listeria. Here are moldy kitchen utensils and moldy kitchen surfaces.

This 6 Worst Places That Cause Food Borne Illness in Kitchens

These moldy kitchen utensils and items come in direct contact with food, especially raw produce and ready to eat food. Volunteers were asked to identify potential moldy kitchen utensils and moldy surfaces in the kitchen.Their were correct. Yet volunteers noted, they were not always thorough at cleaning these utensils and items to prevent illness. NSF suggested preventative measures to make things clean. People can be unknowingly getting families, friends, etc. sick. Recommendations are to follow manufacturer’s recommendations on how to clean items.

Prevent Mold By Washing Surfaces and Utensils Thoroughly and Often

Take the Cleaning Test; Keep Track of How Well You Clean Surfaces in Your Kitchen

1. Did you ever wonder if that stomach bug came from the can opener that you mean to wash after every use but don’t?

2. Do you take apart the blender and clean the gasket?  What is the gasket/

3.  How often do you thoroughly clean and sterilize the refrigerator meat drawer and fruit drawer?

4.  Did you ever take apart a spatula and thoroughly clean it?

5. Are you thorough at cleaning lids that seal plastic containers?

6.  How many moldy kitchen utensils and moldy surfaces in your home? 1 or more, folks should not eat at your home.

If you scored 1 or less, run before you kill your family.


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