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Stop Mold: More & More Moldy Hotels

Is This a Moldy Hotel?

Moldy Bathroom in Hotel: Briar Rose Mold by Dr John Bullas

Moldy Bathroom in Hotel: Briar Rose Mold by Dr John Bullas

My Experience With a Moldy Hotel

Traveling?  Ask the folks making the reservation if this is a moldy hotel. Getting ready for a trip, you make sure that everything is packed and you have check out great prices even cheap hotels to stay in.  Did you ever think that the hotel could have a mold problem?  Well that just happened to me and it was bad.  My niece arranged hotel accommodations according to cost.  As soon as you walked you were suffocated by the moldy carpet along with the  irritating commercial rug freshener smell.  The carpeting was old, worn and probably  not replaced in years.

For me, I get bad headaches and become extremely unable to move.  It was my niece’s wedding and I was trying to be look excited and happy about the event despite not wanting to get out of bed. a I am not allergic to mold, it is toxic to me. Hotels are that are inexpensive probably just don’t bother replacing things like carpeting because of profit margins and no one really complains about it. Think about it,when was the last time you told hotel management hat the carpeting was moldy and you won’t stay there the next time. I forgot to do so; The hotel won me over because it had an awesome breakfast.  People can be bought off with food.

Mold Exposure is Bad for Everyone

Mold anywhere is not good for anyone. There are many places to experience mold and hotels are a actually a common place.  With 1 out of 2 buildings having problems with water intrusion according to (NIH) National Institute of Health, it is safe to say these buildings also have mold. Folks need to know that where you stay when away is important to staying healthy.  Hotels are not pressured to do anything about mold. Remodeling and updating should be done on a regular basis.  There are often moldy ceiling tiles in rooms making it obvious there is a leak.  Even drapes can get moldy if not cleaned. Carpeting should be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis.  Hotels near beaches need to control moisture coming in from beach goers. An area to dry before entering the hotel in essential. Also, area rugs would be better over hard wood floors in general.

This blog is to let you know to actually ask if remodeling is current. If you feel lousy when you stay in hotels ,you can be reacting to the mold present beneath the peeling vinyl wallpaper and underneath the carpeting or the drapes and the actual rooms can be moldy.

Moldy Motel Bathroom by esterase

Moldy Motel Bathroom by esterase

Later I will write more.  Please feel free to stop and visit my website.  Everything you need to keep mold out of your house is there.

Check out this contractor who knows why many hotels are moldy.  Even the 4 star hotels. This guy knows his stuff.

Here is the link to the mold hotel video:
Moldy Hotels Make You Sick

After watching please leave a comment. Maybe you will change how you arrange travel arrangements.

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