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Mold Story: Mold Making Family Sick

Mold Growing in Moorhead Apartment, Family Sick

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks

Here is a story of mold growing in Moorhead apartment and a family sick.  A mother and her kids are having problems with mold growing in a Moorhead apartment building. Paulita Ruiz called the Valley news Live and spoke with reporter Hope Hanselman about the mold which is taking toll on her family’s health.

Paulita Ruiz moved into the community property’s apartment, a year ago. Months later, her four kids were getting sick. She discovered mold and would clean it, but it wouldn’t matter because the mold just kept coming back. Mold was growing in one of her daughters bedrooms.

Kept Cleaning Mold and It Kept Coming Back

“It just keeps coming back, I would clean it and it would keep coming back up,” Ruiz said of the mold growing in her daughters’ bedroom.” She called the landlord and asked him to come and clean it for my kids, her kids are costly getting sick.

Painting Over Mold Does Not  Kill Mold

The property manager sent a maintenance worker to take care of the mold. He painted over it. A month later, the mold came back.

Mold Exposure Can Cause Asthma

“My kids are always coughing and always running noses and always in the doctors getting antibiotics for it,” Ruiz said. Mold has really affected her family. Her daughter has developed asthma, making it hard just to be a kid.

“Sometimes I can’t breathe when I’m running too much”, she said.

Document Mold Damage When Renting

Paulita called the Clay County public health nurses to come out and take a look at the mold.

She also documented damage for landlord, but still she could not get anyone to budge.


Hope Hanselman

May 7, 2013

Here is another mold story that helps readers understand importance of knowing how to kill and prevent mold.  This mold story shows that the renter did not know where the mold was coming from or how to kill it.  Maintenance painted over it which did not kill it. Each mold story illustrates emotional, mental and physical anguish over struggles that seems out of your control. Constant mold exposure caused Paulita’s daughter to develop asthma.  Check out the mold story of  4 year old Reese Ballard who developed asthma and serious lung damage after toxic black mold exposure. We are hear to educate and give you what you need to kill and prevent mold.  Please share this site.  Sign up for StopMoldCold’s Newsletter.  Lots to know about mold and indoor air pollution.

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