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Mold Spores Create Long Island Allergy Misery

“Allergy Misery is One Sandy Legacy”

Written by Joe Dowd

Posted by Greg Sleter

High Mold Spores Creating Allergy Misery In Long Island

High Mold Spores Creating Allergy Misery In Long Island.  Six months after Super Storm Sandy for up the East Coast, mold spores are causing sneezing, coughing, and impacting allergy sufferers as a lingering legacy. Medical experts believe that this will be the worst allergy season in history due to the large amount of mold spawned and left to grow in moisture prone places. Millions of mold spores are now rising from the warming earth causing allergy misery.

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Long Island Earns 5th Worst Place for Allergies in US

A recent survey places Long Island as the 5th worst place in the country for allergy sufferers. Dr. Kenneth Spaeth, Director of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at North Shore Hospital, believes that this year’s allergy season will be particularly bad, because of the large amounts of moisture left by Hurricane Sandy last fall.

Hurricane Sandy Fuels Mold Spore Growth

This year’s allergy season will possibly see more people experiencing allergies as a result of Hurricane Sandy or pollen in general in the upcoming weeks, said Dr. Punita Ponda, Assistant Division Chief of Allergy and Immunology at Children’s Medical Center. As the weather warms up and more people go outside, problems will get worse on Long Island.”There may be a larger influx in the coming weeks as the weather continues to warm up”, Dr. Ponda said.

October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy slammed in East Coast with widespread flooding, downing trees, and causing month-long power outages. The South Shore communities, including Long Beach, experienced some of the most widespread devastation and are still recovering.

 Mold Spores Occur Naturally

Mold, a generic term for an extended family of a fungal species, is a natural phenomenon and surrounds us. Dr.Spaeth described the fungi world, including generic “mildew, we find it in bathrooms,as “a remarkable achievement of nature.”

Mold is not normally a problem. Its becomes problematic when it has excessive mold growth. Long Island doctors are seeing allergy patients in abundance. Long Island ranks among the fifth worst place in the country for allergy sufferers. Zoc DOC, an online medical appointment service,examined data and concluded that the most allergy appointments booked on ZocDoc,2013.

The problem lies both inside and outside homes. Extensive flooding left great amounts of water behind in basements of Long Island. Cleanup continues.  Basements will take a while dry out and see mold growth level off back to normal (.StopMoldCold disagrees that they can just dry out and not have mold.  They must be cleaned with mold killing agent and then HEPA vacuumed to remove dead mold spores.  Dead mold spores still evoke a response.)

It is believed that the problem mold go away on Long Island the simple summer when temperatures rise and work to dry out rain soaked communities in homes. Hopefully moisture will diminish and the mold spore activity also diminish.

Here measures that allergy sufferers can take but they won’t entirely eliminate the problem. According to North Shore’s Al I js focus on health magazine here are common mold hotspots:

Pay Attention To These Allergen Offenders

When will it end?

Dr. Spaeth believes there is no reason to believe that Hurricane Sandy will have a mold legacy beyond this year. If construction repairs are made to eliminate moisture, there is no reason to think it will be an ongoing legacy.

That is, until the next big hurricane.


Allergy Misery Is One Sandy Legacy

By Joe Dowd


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