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Mold News: Avoid Mold Inspection Ripoffs

Mold News: “Four Tips to Protect Yourself During Mold Inspection”

Even mold inspection can provide an opportunity to rip-off homeowners. How would you know you’re being ripped off? All inspectors come in with all kinds of equipment and knowledge telling you stuff that you have no idea whether it is true or not. Cynthia McFadden of ABC’s The Lookout decided to see what seven mold testing companies would do with a home that had absolutely no mold. This story illustrates why you need to take your time and to learn about mold remediation what they do and who you should hire. Stopmoldcold leaves you with a highly reputable Jason Yost’s article on hiring a mold inspection company with skill. “Who Is Mold’s Competent Person?”

“Four Tips to Protect Yourself During Mold Inspection”

Cynthia McFadden, ABC News: The Lookout

May 29, 2013

With so many natural disasters occurring, people worry about mold occurring. Mold is certainly a health threat, especially in high levels.

Mold can be very difficult to spot. Mold inspectors make the big promises to lure people by using coupons, promises and ads to essentially rescue the homeowner. With what could be a lot of money on the line, who do you trust?

ABC’s:” the lookout” Wednesdays at 10 PM ET

Cynthia McFadden asked two experts to assess a home for mold prior to asking seven mold inspectors to inspect a home. Richard Shaughnessy of the University of Tulsa, Director of Research of the Indoor Air Quality Program and Bill Sothern, Owner of Microecologies, in New York City an Environmental Consulting firm performed the assessment. The assessment was thorough and covered every aspect which each mold inspection company performed.

A homeowner was asked to have seven companies come in and assessor home for mold. The home was assessed by Bill Sothern and Richard Shaughnessy as the 7 companies also assessed.

Company 1:   “The Flash”

Provided a five minute assessment quickly determines if she had mold. It would require $920 mold remediation and would use a controversial technique of “fogging”.  Richard Shaughnessy, indoor air quality expert, explained that the fogging leave residue that can create health problems.  Several government agencies are against using fogging.

Company 2:  “The Scare Pair”

Stated that there was mold in the wall and it would require a $2400 remediation where the sheet rock would have to be removed. Bill Sothern tested the area of concern for moisture the day. This company performed the assessment. The area was absolutely dry, meaning there is no mold. Furthermore, there was an access on the bottom of the wall. Mr. Sothern removed the access panel and took a small mirror and was able to look into the wall and see that there was no evidence of mold. When “The Scare Pair” returned, Cynthia McFadden challenged this company on the $2400 mold remediation project. She asked them if they stood by their estimate and asked to whether they were scamming the homeowner.

Company 3:  “The Sampler”

The Sampler took (3) $350 tests.   Results were that there were there was mold on first and second floor and also in the duct system. Bill Sothern performed tests that day on both floors and the air duct system and determine areas to be dry, having no mold. Essentially, the bid for this service was $1100 for the testing +$5500 for the actual mold remediation. He refused to talk to Cynthia McFadden about what was essentially a con.

When the homeowner was asked what she would do, she’s explained that she didn’t know anything about mold. She said she would’ve gone with the most expensive because he sounded like he knew the most.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Mold Inspection:

1. Do your research. Check credentials and references.

2.  Avoid quick inspections:  a full house will take several hours.

3. If you see mold you have mold. Testing is not always necessary. Beware of inspectors who do nothing but take samples and bases mold remediation on samples alone.

4. Mold testing should be the least intrusive method possible. Mold inspection should be done on a step by step basis not the most expensive methods.


ABC’s the Lookout

To view this informative video, please go to the following website:

Must Read:  “Who Is Mold’s Competent Person?” by Jason Yost of Solutions Indoor Environmental Consulting

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