Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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Mold Illness: What It Is According To Doctors

3Traditional Medicine Refuses to Acknowledge Mold Illness  The background to speak about what mold illness is must come from doctors who diagnose and treat the condition.  A brief understanding:  it is not a mold allergy.  It is very hard to pound this into the heads of those who simply will not acknowledge that this condition exists.  From my personal experience, I had doctors laughing in my face when I told them that I had this condition.  Not one of the specialists treating me accepts this diagnosis nor will they review the scientific information on the subject.  They are close-minded. Hence, the only doctor who accepts this diagnosis is my primary care doctor. My treatment of my myriad of conditions is not effective. Doctors fail to treat the biotoxins and inflammation in the body.

At this time, I cannot fully re mediate my home completely.  My condition is merely stabilized by constantly taking the horrendous tasting Cholestyramine to pull out the toxins that have caused many serious conditions.

4From Surviving Mold:  Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

Mold illness is not an allergy.  It is an inflammation within the body which has gone haywire,  The term mold illness is a subcategory of biotoxin illness called Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome(CIRS). According to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker:   The proper definition of CIRS is:

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

” an acute and chronic systemic inflammatory response syndrome acquired following exposure to the interior environment of a water damaged building with resident toxigenic organisms including but not limited to fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes and mycobacteria as well as inflammagens such as endotxins, beta glucans, hemolysins, proteinases, mannans, c-type lectins, and possibly spirocyclic drimanes, plus volatile organic compounds.”

There other culprits with mold that are also alongside mold in a building. Dr. Shoemaker goes on and asks if you are experiencing several of the following symptoms, take the Online Screening Test to determine the probability of having Mold Illness.

Symptoms You May Have From Mold Illness:

This is a rather lengthy list.  many people have a lot of these symptoms.  Some folks develop permanent problems like Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure etc.  Dr. Shoemaker tells a story in his book Mold Warriors of someone that died of cancer due to severe mold exposure. The case of the Nevada Health Inspector who died from mold exposure was well documented as his condition worsened. No mold remediation occurred while he was working there.


“Surviving Mold” by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

“Mold Warriors” by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

The Need to Kill Mold is Vital:

1.  Wipe All Surfaces With Mold Killing Agent.  Use Sandpaper to Help Remove Mold.

 2.  HEPA Vacuum All Surfaces

Killing Mold Means the Vacuuming Dead Mold Spores Which Cause Reactions

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