Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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Mold Exposure Doubles a Child’s Risk of Developing Asthma

     Mold Exposure More Than Doubles Your Child’s Risk Of Developing Asthma

Clean the Air for Me: Baby Bentrup by paparutzi

Clean the Air for Me: Baby Bentrup by paparutzi

Think about it.  Mold exposure more than doubles your child’s risk of developing asthma. The concern then becomes how to make sure that there is the least amount of mold in your home as there is always mold in everyone’s home.  Make sure that there is not enough to cause asthma and allergic responses. There are many ways to end up with mold in your home. Some ways are a bit trickier than others. Take a hidden leak.  It has already done significant damage before you know it is a problem and maybe a floor or two needs ripped out. Then there is the basement that you never bother to dehumidify.  Basements are the number one place to find mold. To limit your child’s mold exposure, one must be vigilant to make sure that moisture problems are addressed quickly.  Note:  The meat of this article is in the following newsletter so if you really want to learn more about what mold exposure means can mean to your child, click on the link and read it.

 Ways to Limit Mold Exposure:

  1. Leaks must be fixed promptly.
  2. Basements must be kept dry.  Run a basement dehumidifier.
  3. Keep paper products out of the basement.
  4. Do not smoke in the house. Smoking creates a film on the walls.  The film attracts mold. In fact, mold and cigarette smoke a double threat to the delicate linings of your children’s lungs. Smoke outside, if at all.
  5. Open the windows and leave fresh air in.
  6. Crack the windows after showers.
  7. Use air purifiers especially in the rooms of children.
Smoke by amagill: Clean the Air

Smoke by amagill: Clean the Air



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