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Markers Of Mold Illness as it Progresses

Markers of Mold  Illness:

The Biotoxin Pathway:

As biotoxins move throughout the body, doctors are able to measure key markers biotoxin illness.The biotoxin pathway shows how a patient can react to mold.. Starting with exposure to biotoxin, a cascade of events occur:

1. Biotoxins bind to toll receptors, mostly in fat cells and  cells that line blood vessels.

2. Cytokines (proteins) result. Cytokines are involved in immune and inflammatory response. They also recruit additional cytokines as they recognize the invaders.

3. Note: biotoxins that are not killed constantly signal the production of more cytokines thereby making biotoxins the source of illness.

Excessive Cytokines Produce:

It is excessive cytokines that make a person sick  This produces flu like symptoms, body aches, headaches, congestion, and much more. Some folks end up disabled by many conditions as a result of these excessive cytokines.

Markers Doctors can Measure:

1. VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) can be reduce causing reduced blood flow and fatigue.

2. Hypoperfusion can result in reduced blood flow which starves of nutrients and oxygen.

3. Increase of MMP9 (matrix metalloproteinase) Cytokines cause white blood cells to release MMP9.  (MMP9:  great marker of excessive cytokines)

4. Increase cytokines may also cause autoimmunity.

5. Three antibodies are observed in biotoxin illness.

  1. Myelin anti-bodies (protective sheath around nerve cells).
  2. Gliadin anti-bodies(protein found in gluten)
  3. Cardiolipin antibodies (impact circulation and small blood vessels)

6. C-3 a and C 4a (reflect activation of competent system) increase. Note:  C4a( mold patients) that increases upon reintroduction to home, indicates that the home has not been successfully remediated.

7. An increase in Leptin(made by fat cells) regulates storage of fat thereby possibility of making a patient fat. MSH (Alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone) decreases combine with increase leptin can make weight lost difficult.

Note:  MSH’s most potent anti-inflammatory compound in the body. Low MSH levels mean high levels of inflammation. MSH is responsible for regulating immune response; involved in many pathways.

Low MSH May Cause:

  1. Disturbed sleep
  2. Chronic pain.
  3. Leaky gut syndrome.
  4. Delayed recovery from illness.
  5. Develop MARCONS (multiple antibiotic resistant negative staff colonization)
  6. Frequent thirst.
  7. Loss of libido

MSH is involved in production of melatonin and endorphins. Lack of endorphins results in increased perception of pain. Lowered MSH can result in cortisol and ACTH(andrenocorticotropic hormone) fluctuations will produce many of  symptoms of biotoxin illness.

Using these markers help doctors to treat mold patients and Lyme patients. This is the basis of the Shoemaker model for treatment. Understanding the biotoxin pathway is important in understanding mold illness.

Understanding Mold Illness:  Biotoxin Pathway by Ritchie Shoemaker

Understanding Mold Illness: Biotoxin Pathway by Ritchie Shoemaker



“Mold Warriors” Ritchie Shoemaker

“Biotoxin Pathway Holds Key Pieces of Puzzle In Solving Chronic Illness”  Scott Forsgren

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