Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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Learn how to stop mold from wreaking havoc on your health, home & possessions. Stop mold; breathe clean air & stay healthy. Key points: How to Kill Mold. 2. How to Prevent Mold.

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Kill Mold

 Mold Threatens Health, Home and Possessions.

When you think of devastating Super Storm Sandy or Hurricane Katrina, you think of how their homes were destroyed because they were filled with mold.  Everything these folks owned is pretty much ruined by mold. Some were able to save their homes with quick and thorough action. Prompt action can avoid mold.  Realizing that  mold threatens health, home and possessions is a motivator  to get moving. An a assumption is made that the mold in these homes is toxic mold and is a threat to the health of the family.  Since mold can start growing in 24 to 48 hours of water intrusion, it is vital that waterand wet items and construction materials be removed quickly and thoroughly.

Katrina Bathroom Mold by Komal Soin

Katrina Bathroom Mold by Komal Soin


Mold Can Destroy any Home With or Without Major Flooding.

Hidden mold is often the cause of a family losing everything because the leak feeding the mold was not discovered in time.  If you smell mold, you have mold. Mold can destroy any home:  from mansions, to bungalow, apartments, condos… There are many mold filled homes on the market.

*Everyone Needs to Kill Mold*

Kill Mold:  2 Steps to Killing Mold on Surfaces:

Mold can live indefinitely on surfaces unless you take action.  There are 2 steps to finish  killing mold on surfaces.

1.  Clean all surfaces with mold removal products or natural solution. In case of flooding, there can be raw sewage which must be taken into account.  Killing sewage and mold is a must.  Recommend Vital Oxide to kill mold and 99.99% of bacteria without harming you.

2.  HEPA vacuum all surfaces.

Kill Mold:  Sweep It Right Up

Kill Mold: Sweep It Right Up

Many Mold Removal Products are on the Market. Use Products with Care:
  1. Wear gloves and a mask. Use products on hand to kill mold. If you prefer, use commercial mold killing products.
  2. Tape plastic over the doorways so invisible mold spores will not escape from the area you are working in.
  3. Use bleach at 1.25 cups per gallon. However, bleach cannot penetrate porous surfaces like drywall.  Bleach fumes affect respiratory reactions. Better to go natural.
  4. Borax used in 1 c. per gallon.  Do not rinse.  Vinegar kills 80% of mold.  Use in spray bottle undiluted.  Wipe with water.  Below is a recipe for to kill mold is listed for your benefit.
  5. Final step in killing mold:  HEPA vacuum all surfaces.

All Purpose Mold Cleaner:  Cheap, Easy & Safe

To kill mold and prevent mold, use this to clean in general:

1 quart water

1 tsp. liquid soap

1 tsp. Borax

1/4 c. white vinegar

 Mold removal products come in commercial and green products:
  1. Use what is effective to get the job done while still considering the mold allergy patient. Using on hand products do work. .  Bleach is not effective on wood as it cannot penetrate porous surfaces to kill the mold. We recommend purchasing Vital Oxide.
  2. Green mold killing products can be purchased that don’t irritate the lungs of the mold/asthma/allergy patient.
  3. Chemicals in commercial products can be harmful to the health of your family.

A person with mold allergies can react to dead mold spores. HEPA vacuum to suck up mold spores and do not release them back into the air.  As mentioned before, HEPA filtration removes 99.97% of contaminants from the surface. Know that mold can grow in the dirt.  Purchase a HEPA vacuum considering the fact that all surfaces need to be vacuumed, even the ceiling. HEPA vacuum on a regular basis to prevent mold and kill mold. Mold allergies can be controlled with HEPA vacuuming, allergy air purifiers, and dehumidifiers, especially dehumidifier for basement. Purchase your HEPA vacuum from one of the links above or visit:  Stop Mold Allergies Store

Note:    Sometimes the cleaning up mold and killing mold is beyond the means of the homeowner and you need a professional. Hire a mold remediation team to access, do the job safely and fix the problems.

Suggestions When Buying Commercials Mold Cleaners:

  1. Read the label for ingredients and warnings.  If the mold cleaning product is toxic, you just added to the problem.
  2. Find out through reviews if they are effective.

Kill mold to keep your family healthy.  Mold can cause asthma which may be avoided if one prevents mold in the first place. Please note:  If mold is extensive, please consult professional  indoor environmental testing company/ mold remediation company that will assess damage and restore properly . You can only “do it yourself” to an extent” and then it is up to the pros.


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