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Humidity and Mold and Spring

Dripping Sewer Line

StopMoldCold:  Opinion Corner Excuse for Basement Mold

Ok, spring is starting to heat up and so is the humidity. So, what does spring have to do with humidity and mold?   The real question is:  Is the basement dehumidifier on?

How Many of You Own a Basement Dehumidifier, Now ‘fess Up

And do you even own one?  If you do not know what I mean, here is an explanation, basements are naturally wet.  If you leave them alone, they get moldy.  Mold feeds off of the wet dirt in your basement.  To prevent basement mold, dry up the basement.  But, you need to remember to turn on the basement dehumidifier and you cannot turn it off because you”think its dry”.  What, did you stick your finger in the air to check?  Or did you look on the floor and say:”oh, gee, I do not see any water; guess I can turn off the basement dehumidifier.  That is not how it works.

Excuses, Excuses, Tell That to the Kid with Asthma and Allergies

This is thinking to the core.  Are you too cheap to run a basement dehumidifier? Would you rather have kids with asthma attacks or mold allergies suffer ? Mold triggers asthma and allergy attacks.  When you are paying that low electric bill look at your sick kid with  those mold allergy and asthma problems and get excited about the electric bill. Parents seem content to give their kids inhalers instead of preventing asthma attacks in the first place.  It frustrates me greatly that we are not more proactive.

This is a stinging editorial but one that must be written.  Too many families live in denial.  Personally, I have sat by and quietly watch because you can only say things a few times before people “heard it all”.   I also get  “here comes the health sermon again.”  These words are for those who want to be helped not for those want to save money on their electric bills.  It is hard for me to watch kids sucking on rescue inhalers with mold in wet basements.  Talk to the parents and they just shrug their shoulders.  I will figure it out.  In the meantime, hope someone gets the help they need from visiting my site. Hopefully parents will remember every spring that humidity and mold go together.

Note to Doctors:  Time to Tell Your Patients Basement Mold

Doctors need to emphasize that mold can trigger asthma attacks.  Mold is often found first in basements and often in bathrooms.  Humidity and mold of spring mean it is time to turn the basement dehumidifier on.  Doctors need to recommend asthma and allergy patients to own that and air purifiers. Patients education needs to be more proactive focusing on the environmental and less on the medication patients take. Certainly patients need to have their rescue inhalers and other medication on hand.  But it would be fantastic to see patients cut back on the amount of attacks they have because they live in cleaner air.

Incredibly Important Mold Facts

  1. Mold grows in warm, dark and damp places.  Master this, let it sink deep down in.
  2. Spring brings humidity and mold.  Humidity leads to mold if left alone in basements or anywhere.
  3. Mold is a common trigger of asthma attacks.
  4. Mold is most commonly found in basements.
  5. If it is wet and dark, mold can grow.  Keep it dry and uncluttered.

Humidity and Mold:  Leave the Basement Dehumidifier Running!

Enjoy spring. Hope everyone enjoys spring even the kids with asthma and allergies.  Help them to be as healthy as possible by keeping the basement dry and as mold free as possible.  Run the basement dehumidifier. Clean the basement as part of your spring cleaning.  Do your part keeping your child’s asthma and allergies under control. Our health is influenced by the air we breathe.  We can influence the air.  Humidity and mold go together.  In fact you could say that humidity and mold love each other. Pay attention to humidity for the sake of your child’s asthma and allergies.  Both get worse when humidity rises.  Dust mites multiply as well as mold grows wildly.  Keep the basement and house dry.  This should cut back on the allergy and asthma attacks.

6 responses to “Humidity and Mold and Spring”

  1. Judy Garcia says:

    Great post Judy. Lots of great informaition

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  3. Terrific information. Bacteria also grows rampantly in moist, humid environments. A dehumidifier is an investment in better health.

    • Dehumidifiers help to lower moisture. Mold and bacteria can’t grow making it a lot healthier. Humidity also promotes chemical off-gassing releasing harmful chemicals into the air which also harms us. There are many reasons to keep humidity low,most of them have to do with the fact that we have families.

  4. I agree with your frustration. I found the same thing to be true about doctors recognising that there is a rampant problem with systemic fungal and mold infections, as well as parasitic infections.

    The only way to affect change is to continue raising awareness at the grassroots level.

    • I guess I will have to get creative. Many doctors do not even believe there is such a thing as mold illness. Not taking into consideration the environment that we live in is a big mistake. Modern medicine is slowly starting to do this but for the most part fails to do so.

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