Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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Learn how to stop mold from wreaking havoc on your health, home & possessions. Stop mold; breathe clean air & stay healthy. Key points: How to Kill Mold. 2. How to Prevent Mold.

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How to Prevent Basement Mold

Begin Here: How to Prevent Basement Mold

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Begin here: basements are naturally wet.  Basement mold can be downright nasty.  It takes over the basement ruining wall, floors, wooden supports, shelving, crawl spaces…Mold and mildew creep up the steps and can be smelled in the floor above.  Embarrassing…  Unhealthy… Destructive… The best plan to prevent basement mold is to not let in start in the first place.  Basic knowledge helps the homeowner think about how basement mold attacks, what it attacks under what conditions. Removing basement mold can require a professional mold remediation company especially with extensive mold. Easiest way to determine that you have basement mold like in the below picture or a black basement.   If you smell basement mold or see it,you have mold. Everyone should should  know how to prevent basement mold. Prevent mold.

Extensive Basement Mold by olawale

Extensive Basement Mold by olawale

Prevent Basement Mold: Conditions of Basement Mold Attack:

*Mold loves warm, dark, and damp places*

*Mold can grow within 24 to 48 hours of water intrusion*

* Mold loves to grow on building products:  drywall, insulation, wood framing, wood, concrete…*

* Mold grows in basements when humidity is above 55% *

Prevent Mold!  Burn understanding of these above statements to your mind.  Basements are the most frequent place in the home to find mold (National Institute of Health.)   Basements are located below ground and subject to natural occurring excessive humidity.   Dirt /dust helps mold to grow.  Folks rarely clean their basements; sweep and clean your basement on a regular basis. Basement mold occurs more frequently than people think.  Prevent mold. Mold is unhealthy and expensive.

Mold Can Attack Anywhere in Your Home

Most folks assume that mold is most frequently found in bathrooms. In some homes this is true especially if the design of the bathroom is small and the homeowner is one to have the bathroom cluttered. Keeping areas dry is the key.  After showers, run the exhaust fan.  Crack open the windows an inch or two even in the winter for an hour or so to let the steam escape.  Wipe down the shower stall shelf before leaving the bathroom after showers.  Remove all wet towels or make sure all wet towels are flat to dry and not folded. Shower curtains must be spread to dry as they can get moldy.  They should be washed with a mold killing product such as Borax ( 1/2 cup added with detergent on a gentle cycle and then hung). To be proactive in preventing mold, bathrooms need to be thoroughly cleaned.  This required wiping down all the walls and everything in the bathroom with a mold killing product such as Vital Oxide. (The special quality of this product is that it repels mold for up to 7 months if the area is kept fairly dry.  You still have to do your part.) After wiping down, dead mold spores need to be removed by using a HEPA vacuum on all surfaces.

Prevent Basement Mold:  Lower Humidity

What you can do to prevent basement mold:  cut off the supply of moisture in the basement.  A basement dehumidifier is an absolute essential in basements.  Essentially, a basement dehumidifier dries the air.  Mold cannot grow at 55% humidity and below.  Ventilate, use fans and a  basement dehumidifier. Keep air moving.

Prevent Mold in Basement Crawlspaces

Basement crawl spaces are often a trouble spot in basements.  They are naturally wet, lack ventilation, and usually not addressed when the home was built. Untreated dirt crawl spaces transpire and naturally give off moisture. To properly lower moisture in crawl spaces, it is recommended to hire a contractor to assess the crawl space and create a plan of action. If the area is not properly assessed and treated, you will have mold. Mold remediation specialists use special equipment and calculations.  They do not just throw crawl space dehumidifiers in and put plastic in.  Do your research. See Resource section to obtain a mold remediation specialist near you. Read the articles on crawl space remediation in out crawl space prevent mold section.

There Are Many Place to Stop Mold

Where do you find mold?  See Place to Find Mold:  There are quite a few and some unnusaul places like cat litter boxes.  Even a baby’s pacifier can get moldy and that is a serious issue.

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