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How To Beat Migraines

How to beat migraines:  People who have mold illness can get migraine like headaches from mold exposure.  Not everyone can escape mold exposure.  Hence, here is an article by Dr. Mike Greenberg on how to stop migraines.

Migraine Headaches Stop People Dead In Their Tracks By Dr. Mike Greenberg

6Migraine is a chronic neurological disorder that affects approximately ten percent of the world’s population.  Sufferers experience an intense, pulsating, pain on one side of the head, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound. Symptoms usually last from several hours to several days, and while there are effective medications, the relief is only temporary.  Migraines are also expensive, in both time and money. Each year, Americans with migraines spend approximately $17 billion in direct costs, such as medication, and another $15 billion in indirect costs, such as time lost from work.   The highest price, of course, is the quality of life that migraines steal from people.

Given the large number of causes of migraine, it is exceedingly difficult to find a cure.  The medical community has identified some of these causes as vascular irregularities, genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalance, sinus problems and fluctuations in the pain-regulating chemical serotonin. Alternative medical practitioners take it a step further by examining the roles of stress, food allergies, environmental sensitivities, dental factors, spinal misalignment, jaw imbalance and digestive disturbances. The good news is that while there is no “cure” for migraines, we can eliminate the symptoms—often completely—by eliminating the triggers.

Migraines sufferers often find that their headaches are brought on by the following:
° Emotional stress
° Menstrual periods
° Sleep pattern change
° Specific foods
° Excess caffeine and cigarettes
° Skipping meals
° Weather changes
° Exercise
° Bright lights
° Odors

Treating Migraines

Dr. James Braly, a Florida-based allergy expert, directly attributes 85% of all migraine headaches to food allergies. Braly’s findings were corroborated by a study published in The Lancet Medical Journal. The study found that 92% of migraine sufferers experienced relief from their symptoms when allergenic foods were eliminated from the diet. It also concluded that most of the subjects were allergic to more than one food and that the offending allergens were usually among their favorites. The most common culprits were cow’s milk, eggs, wheat, cheese, preservatives and food colorings. A double-blind experiment also proved that when these foods were reintroduced into the study group’s diet, the migraine pain reoccurred.

My own clinical experiences closely mirror Dr. Braly’s. Throughout my many years treating food allergies, I’ve learned to identify and understand individual biochemical nuances. Many food reactions occur in a “delayed” manner, often hours –or even days—after the food is consumed.  That is why people often don’t realize they are sensitive to certain foods.  Once they do, however, and begin avoiding these foods, migraine headaches dramatically decrease in both frequency and intensity; sometimes they even disappear altogether!  This holds true even if the headaches are hormonally timed.

Eliminating recurring headaches permanently is feasible; not miraculously or instantaneously, but in a relatively short four to six months. In a perfect world, there would be one specific cause of migraines, like a virus or a genetic mutation; unfortunately, however, this is not the case. But until science discovers the cause of migraines, we need to focus on what provides lasting relief. My clinical experience shows that by eliminating migraine triggers, many migraine sufferers can live symptom-free lives.

This safe & effective approach is has no side-effects, and improves the quality of each patient’s life. That’s why I love it!

Dr.Mike Greenberg
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