Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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How Many of You Want to Live in a Unhealthy Home?

How Many of You Want to Live in an Unhealthy Home?

More sarcasm.  Guess what?  Your home is actually very unhealthy.  I will come at this in so many ways because this is way too important of a point.  THE AIR IN OUR HOMES IS 2 TO 5 TIMES MORE POLLUTED THAN OUTSIDE AIR!  WARNING!  YOU MAY DEVELOP CANCER OR HAVE SOME REALLY WEIRD STUFF GROWING OUT OF YOUR LEFT EAR SOON!  The joke is on you, you already live in an unhealthy home.  Now, what are you going to do about it?

Toxic Black Mold and Melinda Ballard

Problem is that mold and indoor air pollution can be invisible and do great harm.  Check out Melinda Ballard story.   Breathtaking mansion, their dream home.  A leak occurred and was fixed.  But something got past the contractor:  hidden mold.

 You Can Find Toxic Black Mold in a Mansion?

The hidden mold in this house was so bad that they had to abandon their home and everything in it.  Reese developed permanent lung damage.  Melinda was told that he could never enter another moldy building again.  Ron Allison, her husband, had brain damage.  That’s right, you heard me:  brain damage.  He had a high paying job as an investment banker.   He would just sit and stare as he was in a literal fog.  Couldn’t remember what he was doing.  He was disabled by hidden toxic black mold.

Crazy eh?  You bet.  Don’t think it could not happen to you.  This dream place had to be bulldozed.  Way too much of a biohazard.


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