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Helping Those With Mold Illness

Helping Those with Mold Illness

How did I get to helping those with mold illness?  I wanted to help.  It’s important ; plain and simple for me, I got deathly ill and lost most of my health due to mold illness.  There is that part of me that wants to help others avoid what can be avoided.  Through my research, many do not realize that mold can wreak havoc on health, home and possessions until it is too late. My website is dedicated to those who have the daily battle with chronic illnesses associated with mold exposure whether they know it or not.

Migraine Like Headaches are a Part of Mold Illness

Or it is the sneaky” I thought I had allergies and blew off my health slipping away” like I did?  I always assumed that I was allergic to dust and something “else” and it was the unknown that was making my nose run like someone forgot to turn off the faucet.  Eventually, my head was under an all-out assault. I never went to a doctor because I had kids to take care of and was just used to pain.  It never occurred to me that I had mold illness.

Doctors Are Waiting For Something Big To Occur

Now, doctors look at my chart and wait for bombs to go off, stroke, heart attack, pneumonia or some crazy disease I can’t spell to creep up. Tests?  They test the tests.   Weird thing is, I look healthy and feel really horrible. That can happen to you and maybe I can prevent that.  I won’t know it.  That is OK. Mold illness anyone?

Patient's Chart

My quest is to find help for those that suffer from chronic pain, chronic illness and mold illness. Getting up every morning, having a pounding headache and intense pain in arms and legs, does not welcome the day. Living in the most mold free and cleanest air possible will certainly help.

Outside Help For Mold Illness and Chronic Conditions

I have  found a very promising functional food that I have added to boost my health.  It can help in so many ways.  It helps to promote: focus, a sense of overall wellness, improves stamina and energy,  helps you get a better night of sleep, and improves emotional balance and so much more.  Laminine is a winning supplemental functional food.  It is not a medication and has no side effects.

Living with Mold Illness Means You Need Outside Help

So far, I have just started my quest with Laminine. I believe in the supplement will help me cope with mold illness.  I don’t expect to improve a condition like Type 1 diabetes as this is an irreversible condition.  What I am looking for is better quality of life. Laminine can provide :  more energy, better focus, less pain, better night’s sleep, increased ability to focus which will enable me to be more productive. (Laminine Pamphlet)  Excited about the prospects of achieving these results.

Laminine: Improves Overall Sense of Well-Being

“Laminine helps regenerate aging cells and nourish unhealthy cells, supporting restoration to their original state. ( Laminine Pamphlet) Laminine unleashes this powerful repair mechanism inside the cells, by giving the body everything it needs in synergistic balance to heal itself at the cellular level. Regular use of Laminine can bring physical, mental and emotional health and well-being to a whole new level.”(What is Laminine?)Sounds good to me.

JK Essentials in search of what people with mold illness, allergies, asthma, and other similar conditions need has joined to distribute Laminine. Get more information on Laminine at:


What is Laminine?

Laminine Pamphlet




6 responses to “Helping Those With Mold Illness”

  1. Judy Garcia says:

    That sounds great to me also Judy. I wish my I could afford
    to get my daughter started on this.

  2. Excellent advice and we’re very fortunate that someone with your personal experience with this silent killer is willing to step up and share the potential for healing that exists with the Laminine protocol. So many of the people we’ve been able to help just don’t have any interest in business, so they might tell two or three people, (or four, if they want their own products free), but by bringing this info to the public forum, you are doing untold good, Judy. Thank you!

    • Part of the foundation of this site is to find sources of healing for mold illness and the many conditions associated with mold illness such as allergies, asthma, chronic pain, headaches and so much more. Thank you for you fervent support.

  3. Deana Hodell says:

    Mold illness is not fun and very dangerous to your health. And if you are already suffering from poor health or a heart condition it can be deadly. Mold Remediation is a must and gaining your health back is priority. I highly recommend the suggestions here on this site. Laminine has helped me to get my health back.

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