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Help for Mold Illness

Desperate to Regain My Health

Judy Kojadinovich

After years of feeling rotten, I became desperate to regain my health.  Because I suffer from mold illness, I have spent a great deal of time looking for help from medicine or alternative medicine. I believe I found what I am looking for.

My Mold Illness Daily Battle

Mold illness is a daily battle and a lonely one. I am tired, have headaches daily, suffer from migraines 3 or 4 a week, have constant chronic fatigue, cannot focus, lack short term memory, have a very difficult time learning new material and there is more…   My husband just expects these things.  I usually just force myself to do things or my husband does.  Now, I believe I found what I am looking for. Somehow I write to you because it is that important that the rest of you not land in my boat or better yet recover if you do.  Mold illness can mean a lot of conditions.

My First Battle to Conquer:  Sleeping

I do not sleep well.  The problem of lack of quality sleep built over the years of pain and headaches building, controlling nearly every area of my head. The headaches built to the point of a non-stop cycle of no sleep.  Drunken speech and gait threw me into a monastic lifestyle. Living in the constant fear of dangerous multiple seizures complicated matters. A muscles relaxant gave me the sleep I needed.  But, Flexeril gave me a nasty night of sleep. I woke up feeling like I was hit in back of the head with a board.  I was desperate for sleep.  Without it, I knew I would never heal. I tried ditching the Flexereril several times. I just laid there and eventually had to give in.

Finally Finding Sleep for Chronic Illness:  Laminine

Over time, I met a naturopath that introduced me to an all -natural fully functional food that improves the immune system. He told me it would help me. What was so convincing about this guy was that he was battling 2 terminal conditions and was enthusiastically beating both of them.  He had energy and a zest for life.  He was the proof I needed.  Living proof of what and why I started taking Laminine.  I stopped taking Flexeril and woke up for the first time in at least 10 years with energy actually feeling like I slept.  Anyone with fibromyalgia knows how desperate one becomes for refreshing sleep. Since then, I still have pain but more energy and a good night of sleep.

Laminine: Improve Overall Sense of Well-Being

Triumphing Over Chronic Illness:  Sleeping Without Medication!

I feel like I hit a home run and game was tied in the playoffs!  Sleeping is that important to healing.  I battle mold illness but with constant rain has been a tough one.  Laminine helps bring balance to my immune system. I could be really sick right now but I am not. I had 1 day of migraines and only one. It could have been multiple migraines and days in bed with the amount of mold I faced.  I realize that Laminine is not a drug. It does not cure, treat or heal conditions. I am looking for my body to work for myself and wow this is for real.

“If you’d like more information about anything we’ve discussed in this, or other articles on this site, or are looking for environmental or health-oriented solutions to a mold/fungus problem, please contact me for a confidential consultation.”

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  1. Judy Garcia says:

    Great article Judy You are going to help so many people.

  2. There’s no telling the number of lives you will positively impact with this info, Judy. And the changes that have begun in your own personal health journey are sure to be an inspiration for many others as well.

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