Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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Hear About a Mold Foreclosure Nightmare

Observations of What Could Be a Mold Foreclosure:

Basement Mold From a Leak by Miss_dena

Basement Mold From a Leak
by Miss_dena

Realtor Rebecca Terakedis (NPR) told this story about a property that was on the market:”I had a really interesting(one). It was the middle of the winter. There were icicles coming out of the windows above the garage, no heat, but it was 80 degrees inside the house because it was self-composting.”  Hard to believe that this is a real story.

How do you sell a property full of mold?  It is a liability to the homeowner especially if the new buyer gets drastically sick.  It is far better to either give a great discount on the property to have the home properly re mediated. There are many folks looking for mold bargains.  Yet, you can buy a moldy home that cannot be re mediated.  Buyer beware.

Test the air to make sure it is a healthy home. Make sure Mold, VOCs, Formaldehyde and more are not in your next house.

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 Here is a real video on a mold foreclosure. It is a nightmare.


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