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Have You Had Any Moldy Drugs Lately?

Have You Had Any Moldy Drugs Lately?

Injection:  Moldy Drugs Injections

Injection: Moldy Drugs

Crazy:  Have You Had Any Moldy Drugs Lately?  How can a system break down to the point that there are massive recalls of mold tainted drugs?  Makes you wonder just how much money is made of these compounded medications.  Pain of non-stop back pain relieved by steroid shot tainted with black mold.  This led to 53 deaths last summer.  Doctors baffled by the fungal meningitis were in uncharted waters for the treatment.

Another moldy drugs situation:  March of 2013 brought MedPrep Consulting pulling all their medications after a nurse spotted visible particles in Magnesium Sulfate 2 g Dextrose 5% for injection which tested positive for mold; falling into the moldy drugs category.  79 drugs were pulled from the market, all that were mixed in Tinton Falls, New Jersey facility. Check out the exhaustive lest of recalled medications.  Bet you or one of your loved ones  possibly  received one of these drugs.

People Died and Others Got Sick From Moldy Drugs

More peeking into the problem is critical.  With 1,000s trustfully receiving these medications, no dawdling should occur.  State pharmacy boards did nothing in wake of the New England Compound pharmacy debacle. This is obvious as the FDA found sterility infractions and quality control issues. Money needs to be spent to protect the public.  Maybe these compound pharmacies need to be inspected by the state on a regular basis.  Again, 53 people died from fungal meningitis and 733 folks sickened.  NECC knew that  made these compounded drugs under unsanitary conditions. They sold moldy drugs  to the public.  Their own test results revealed that.  No company that does this should be permitted to operate.

Here is the list of known contaminants in NECC recalled medicines.  These medications were used in hospitals and in medical practices.  14,000 patients received these medications.  This is an “holy cow who paid who to turn the head situation.”  Let’s bear down of pharmacies that fail inspections especially any that pass contaminated drugs (moldy drugs) to the public.

NECC Recalled Following Medicines

Medication Lot Number Bacterial and Fungal Contamination
6 mg/mL injectable –5 mL per vial
08202012@141 Paenibacillus pabuli/amolyticus, Bacillus idriensis, Bacillus flexus, Bacillus simplex, Lysinibacillussp., Bacillus niacini, Kocuria rosea,
Bacillus lentus
6 mg/mL injectable –5 mL per vial
07032012@22 Bacillus niabensis, Bacillus circulans
12 mg/mL injectable – 5 mL per vial
07302012@52 Bacillus lentus, Bacillus circulans, Bacillus niabensis, Paenibacillus barengoltzii/timonensis
6mg/mL injectable – 5 mL per vial
08202012@44 Bacillus lentus, Bacillus firmus, Bacillus pumilus
6 mg/mL injectable – 5 mL per vial
08152012@84 Penicillium sp., Cladosporium sp.

40mg/mL injectable – 1 mL per vial
06062012@6 Bacillus lentus, Bacillus circulans, Bacillus niabensis, Bacillus nealsonii, Bacillus subtilis group, Bacillus firmus
40 mg/mL injectable – 2 mL per vial
08172012@60 Aspergillus tubingensis,Penicillium sp.
40mg/mL injectable – 10 mL per vial
08242012@2 Aspergillus fumigatus
Cardioplegia solution
265.5 mL per bag
09242012@55 Bacillus halmapalus/horikoshii, Brevibacillus choshinensis

Source:  FDA

Here are the toxic molds that can be fatal that were present in these medicines according to FDA:  penicillium, aspergillus tubingensis, aspergillus fumigatus, cladosporium

The bacillus strains are bacteria that can cause illness especially in an immune compromised  individual. Think about it.  If someone with serious mold allergies receives an intravenous shot of mold, how serious will the reaction be?  What about the mold illness patients; how serious will they react to a mold shot?

The names of compounding pharmacies has yet to be released.  The who,what when, where  and why need to be answered.
  1. Name and location of compounding pharmacy.
  2. Geographic region of distribution.
  3. Which institutions received the medications:  eg.. hospitals, nursing homes, dr. offices…
  4. List of drugs distributed.
  5. FDA testing of drugs compounded by these pharmacies
  6. Anyone react to medications
  7. FDA control of situation as to not cause panic.

We can’t become paranoid about moldy drugs in the system because for the most part, our drugs have proven to be safe.  But we sure can become more vigilant.  If we the people pay money to the government to protect us, they need to do it or be fired. They work for us.  If you do a lousy job, will you get fired

What Did Doctors Learn About Moldy Drugs?

From the CDC:  ” Meningitis Mold In Tainted Drug Can Incubate For Months”:  Dr. John Prefect of Duke University wrote in Annals of Internal Medicine conclusions of what happens with moldy drugs.  Mixing preservative free steroid drugs like the ones involved in outbreak “requires meticulous sterility to ensure lack of fungal contamination.”  He says”Anything less and fungi grow aggressively in a highly concentrated steroid solution.”  Thus, lack of sterility can produce some serious moldy drugs with possible fatal consequences.

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