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Hands Helping Humanity Help Super Storm Sandy Victims

Help For Super Storm Sandy Victims

Flooding Mold:  No Sleep Tonight by Kate Dahl

Flooding Mold: No Sleep Tonight by Kate Dahl

The Need Overwhelms 

Help Victims of Super Storm Sand:  After Stephanie Snyder’s electricity was restored, she became focused on the devastating images of Super Storm Sandy. She did not want to see any lives lost because they had no food or water.  The need overwhelmed her and burdened her to do something to help. There just had to be a lot of Super Storm Sandy victims with a super storm with this punch.

Taking Action

This amazing woman loaded her SUV with food and supplies and has driven to Sayreville, New Jersey where her neighbor’s grandparents’ home was destroyed.  She distributed food and supplies to anyone that asked her.  Snyder’s compassion compelled her to do even more as the many people without surrounded her.

Snyder drove this trip over 100 times.  Many people joined her and now belong to the Hands Helping Humanity Group. To meet some of the great needs, this group served Thanksgiving dinner, brought Christmas toys and donated school books.

Baby Needs Formula

One touching story was about a man that could not find formula for his baby. Imagine how helpless this man felt not being able to give his own baby the sustenance he needed. Snyder took action drove home and purchased formula and baby supplies.  The baby stopped the hunger cry and was nourished.

Snyder said” Once you see it, you can’t turn your back.”

Dwight and Kate Schaffner, members of the group, served Thanksgiving dinner to 1,000 people in Toms River, N.J.  These folks suffered complete devastation of their homes.

Helping Keansburg Folks

Rev. Victoria Landaverde, Pastor of Middletown Assembly of God, came upon Snyder as both drove around looking for folks to help.  The two formed a partnership with Snyder’s group to help Landaverde’s congregation and storm victims in the Keansburg, N.J. area.

Keansburg, a bay front borough, consists mainly of single-story bungalows, was rocked by massive storm surges . The 10 foot tall homes were almost completely filled with water. The borough has more needs than it can fulfill.

Landaverde was amazed at the amount of support from Lehigh Valley that the area of Keansburg has gotten.  Lehigh Valley was only a few degrees from being leveled themselves.  Keansburg is in the process of repairing their homes. They are currently getting financial assistance from the federal government and insurance companies, but it isn’t enough.

Current focus of Hands Helping Humanity is to raise money for home repair supplies and household goods. The group is requesting new items such as sheets, towels, toaster ovens etc. Snyder believes that storm victims deserve quality items not stuff that is old and stained.

Still No Heat In Homes

There are still many people living freezing in their homes without heat. The news has completely forgotten this.  President Obama makes no mention.

Donations Please

The group wants you to donate to these people in need. Hands Helping Humanity is currently accepting donations from 9 AM to 4 PM weekdays at the Cathedral Church of the Nativity, 321 Wyandotte Street, Bethlehem. Enter through the upper parking lot on Wyandotte.  Saturdays from 11 to 1 PM at Park Place, Suite 101, 3400 Pike in Hanover Township, North Hampton County. Donations can also be made by appointment/or calling Stephanie Snyder at 484 – 896 – 8424  Please donate today.  Your help will go directly to those in need.



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