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Folks Get Stuck With Chronic Illness From Mold

Mold Illness Can Mean Chronic Illness

Headache From Mold and Indoor Air Pollution

Headache From Mold and Indoor Air Pollution

Crazy Things Happen With Brain Fog

One of my passions in founding this site is to inform people to start to understand that this condition is real and can happen to their children, loved ones in their extended family or to others that they love. Believe me crazy things happen to those that have mold illness and you really do not want to be someone that ends up with this condition. I sometime have no idea if I took my insulin or get lost in the parking lot and can’t find my car or completely forget to take important medication. Sometimes I can’t remember my cell phone number or finish my sentences.  I feel really stupid.

Embarrassing List of Conditions and Medications

I have such a long list of conditions that it embarrasses me to list them.  My medication list is also an embarrassment. At one point in time, I looked like a Holocaust Survivor and there was worry that I would starve to death.

The Chronic Pain Fight

Believe it or not, my brain fog is not as bad as it could be.  I am fighting through it. I refuse to lose my life to a condition that has already taken so much from me.  I will fight to keep as much as I can.  In the meantime, I will help as many people as I can understand that you can lose so much of your health to mold exposure. It is not in your head.  Folks fight through constant pain and look for outside help and understanding, not pity.  They need support and constantly look for relief from the unrelenting pain. There are many of us and I know I can support them and they can support me.

Chronic Pain Folks Do Not Want Pity

Like other chronic pain and illness folks, I do not want pity, I just want people to understand that I am not normal and live in pain with great limitations.  I look perfectly normal.  People get ticked off that I can’t spend the day in the sun (that means migraines) or I can’t visit them (they have a moldy house, touchy issue there).  Pain means there are limitations.  Mold exposure means I can’t go there.  There are folks that are that sensitive.

Chronic Pain Die to Mold Exposure

Chronic Pain Throughout the Body

What Do I Mean By Chronic Illness?

What do I mean by chronic illness?  Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, migraines, low frequency periodic headaches ( constant headaches that don’t go away), myofascial pain, chronic fatigue and for others there can be more on the list.  Can you see that a person has these conditions? Maybe when a person is having a migraine.  For the most part, you can’t.

People Do Not Know That Mold Is Making Them Sick

My personal belief is that there are a whole lot of people out there that are sick around mold and just don’t make the connection.  I am not allergic to mold. No, it is in a sense toxic to me.  I do not form antibodies to mold toxins so through a cascade of complex inflammatory reactions  I am stuck with a whole bunch of chronic conditions. This makes me work all the harder in what I do.  People need to know that they are sick for a very specific reason that can be avoided.

Many Are Here To Support Those with Chronic Illness

There is hope and I have learned how to be healthier. I take a supplement that is helping. (: ).  Check it out.  I love what I do here and I am in control.  Y There is so many wonderful people out there that want to help and support you.  I am one of them.  Getting sick from mold and losing your health is a personal journey that family members and friends don’t always grasp especially when the medical community does not. Finding people to support you is all the more important. I am always here. Drop me a note if you need support at

Here is to all the folks who journey though the chronic illness with me, you are not alone.  We walk together and become strong because of an inner strength born of adversity that we face.  God bless.






5 responses to “Folks Get Stuck With Chronic Illness From Mold”

  1. Judy Garcia says:

    Great article Judy. It is true people don’t even have a clue what is making them sick and yet there are. My daughter is feeling better the mold exposure is not an element anymore, she has moved, but she is still experiencing ailments. Headaches, joint pain but she is doing better. Everyone needs to read you blog.

  2. Deana Hodell says:

    Hi Judy, I suffered from some of the issues you are speaking of here for a while. It’s been three years out of the building where I used to work and a complete remediation to our apartment where we live. Learning how to eat better, and eliminating moldy environments have helped me as well. I am like a dog when I go into a building and super sensitive to the smell of mold. It makes me want to run like a building were on fire or something. You will help a lot of people who may or may not have discovered their illness. Laminine also helps me tremendously. I feel like I have my life back. Thank you for this information.

    • Great to hear you knew what was making you sick and how you successfully killed mold. Great to have your health back. And to see that Laminine has helped is something I also advocate to help folks recover from mold illness.There are many out there that don’t realize that its mold making them sick.

  3. I cannot begin to tell you just how important it is to get information like this out there to the public. Thank you, Judy!

    And that you are taking proactive steps to change your personal health situation is admirable.

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