Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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Fix the Leak Now or Pay Big Time Later

Putting Off Fixing a Leak Can Make You Sick!

Hidden Leaks Cause Hidden Mold

Bathroom Mold: Leak From Above Bathroom by glsims99

Most people do not think putting off fixing a leak can make you sick.  No , it’s more like I will get to it later. Why would you put off fixing a leaky toilet or plumbing issue under a sink? It seems like the whole world wants something from you.  You put a pot or something to catch the water and forget about it. It’s put on the list of things to get fixed.  Problem is that waiting to fix the leak can cause big time problems later.  Mold grows in 24 to 48 hours after water intrusion if it’s warm, dark and damp.  Mold grows quickly.  Before you know it your kids start to get sick.  Who would think:  Hey,that leak that I didn’t fix is making my kids sick.  Guess what? It can and probably is.  Problem with leaks is that water starts to seep into other rooms of the house.  Some leaky pipes will affect several rooms.  A bathroom can leak to the kitchen down below.  Problem is the trail of mold that goes with it.  Mold can make some people very sick. They just do not ever get better.  It seems like a flu with the headaches, body aches and congestion; but it goes on for months not stopping.

Mold Illness Is Not Fair!

Check out some of the articles on mold illness.  25% of the population lack the ability to make antibodies to kill mold toxins.  Essentially, they are screwed.  They get sick and sicker and never get better.  They must be removed from mold but they need outside help.  A whole chain of events has been set into motion and it won’t stop.  Find a mold doc quick!

Waiting to Fix a Leak Can Cost Thousands

Think about how hard that water dripping in works to ruin as much as it can. Consider the costly bill that will be racked up to fix the rampant mold through several rooms. Your insurance would have paid for it in the early stage.  If you would of fixed or hired someone to fix the leak, then you wouldn’t be in the jam you are in now. Mold remediation can cost thousands.  Fix a leak ASAP.

Prevent and Kill Mold; Pay Big Time Later!

If you understand how to prevent and kill mold and why you need to do it, you will take leaks seriously.  Prompt action will occur.  Hire someone rather then let kids get sick and face potential costly mold remediation.  Kids with asthma and/or allergies are triggered by mold exposure.  Not good. If you have a family member with allergies and / or asthma, study the articles here on preventing mold, killing mold and check out the articles on asthma, allergies and mold.


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