Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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Learn how to stop mold from wreaking havoc on your health, home & possessions. Stop mold; breathe clean air & stay healthy. Key points: How to Kill Mold. 2. How to Prevent Mold.

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Do Your Child’s Asthma Attacks Frighten You?

Asthma Can Leave a Parent Helpless.

Suddenly your 5 year old is struggling to breathe, helplessly heaving, lungs squeaking. The emergency inhaler is always nearby. You know the drill. Subconsciously, you wait for the asthma attack that cannot be helped by an rescue inhaler. Your allergist is on speed-dial. The car keys are always nearby for the emergency room visit.  As a parent, you work hard to limit emergency room visits.  Your 5 year old is already traumatized enough by an attack. Asthma can certainly leave a parent feeling helpless.

What if You Could help Lessen the Number of Asthma Attacks?

You know many of the reasons you child has attacks. Being stressed out, it’s raining, a cold… These are allergy triggers that you know of.  Keeping the house free of chemical smells, cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, clutter in the child’s room are just a few of the things you do.

Mold Triggers Asthma and Allergy Attacks

Here is a cause of many attacks often overlooked: Mold exposure. Mold triggers asthma attacks. If you child has daily tightening of the lungs and wheezing, make sure your home is as healthy as can be. Clean all surfaces and the air of mold. Be aware that mold originates in wet basements.  Make sure that you use a basement dehumidifier to prevent basement mold. Basement mold is more common than most people realize. Note:  We are not saying that killing mold will stop all asthma attacks.  Goal is to lessen them hopefully to none.

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One of most important steps in preventing mold is to use an allergy air purifier especially in the bedroom. Here is what allergy air purifiers do:

Allergy Air Purifiers Kill

* Allergy air purifiers make it easier to breathe*

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