Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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Diagnosing Mold Illness: Do You Have Mold Illness?

Diagnosing Mold Illness

Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test

There is a multifaceted approach to diagnosing mold illness. The evaluation of patients includes the Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test (VCS) can be performed in the doctors office or on-line.  It’s accuracy is 92% with 8% rendering a false positive.  VCS evaluates 2 sets of nerves in the eye that allow a person to differentiate between black, white and grey on a grey background. Biotoxin patients are not able to notice the direction of patterns.  This test is a strong indicator of biotoxin illness. Many blood tests are also administered.

HLA DR Shows Genetic Predisposition to Mold Illness

HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen), a grouping of genes, are located on the 6th chromosome. This blood test (HLA) determines whether a person can clear biotoxins from the body.  An unlucky 25% of us have defective HLA. These folks cannot clear biotxins on their own.  The biotoxins remain in the body traveling throughout the body to every system even crossing the blood brain barrier.

Once the test is completed, an interpretation guide mapping of HLA DR combinations and the associated conditions.

Biotoxins are toxic substances produced by living organisms according to Scott Forsgren. Scott sat down with Dr. Shoemaker and came to this understanding of mold illness. The chronic conditions caused by mold exposure are actually the results of the biotoxins in the body.The center of the condition many be biotoxins and the inflammatory responses caused by them. Further, a person genetically predisposed to biotoxin illness is suffering from the biotoxins themselves rather than mold exposure or Lymes disease. (Note:  if predisposed to biotoxin illness, Lymes disease is complicated by biotoxin illness.)  Simply put, the disease is more than just a reaction to mold or Lyme’s disease at the root of the problem. Scott concluded that bitoxins and the inflammatory response is possibly at the core of the problem. Essentially you can cbe clear of mold exposure or Lyme’s disease and be stuck with biotoxins and the cascade of inflammatoy response. It is not just that you have been exposed to mold or have Lyme’s disease, you are confronted by biotoxins and inflammatory responses wreaking havoc on systems throughout your body..

The progression of the condition is outline in the Biotoxin Pathway.  It is not simply one effect of the condition   It travels throughout the body with massive inflammation if not battled through external help.  Mold toxins have a free pass throughout the body.

Understanding Mold Illness: Biotoxin Pathway by Ritchie Shoemaker


Understanding Mold Illness:  Biotoxin Pathway by Ritchie Shoemaker

Understanding Mold Illness: Biotoxin Pathway by Ritchie Shoemaker

   “Mold Warriors”  Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker
   “Biotoxin Pathway Holds Key Pieces of Puzzled in Solving Biotoxin Pathway”
   Scott Forgsen
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