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Crazy Man With a Hose: Basement Mold Painting

Basement Mold by Threadseven

Basement Mold by Threadseven

Basement Mold Painting

Joe loved his hose.  He was in his late 70’s and started slipping mentally. He reverted back to the days when he loved playing with a hose in the backyard. He would of got a whooping if he ever sprayed a hose in the house.

In the winter, Joe sprayed everything, even the basement. The concrete floors made for an indoor skating rink complete with basement mold.  Of course there was no heat in the basement.  This beautiful, old Victorian was an investment property he bought years ago and never sold. Now he added a finishing touch:  black basement mold walls.

Joe love to go outside and play with his house in the winter. He sprayed all the sidewalks of the property with water, especially when those about 20° or so. Maybe thought it was his job to create a skating rink.

Jerry Keeps Basement Mold

Son Jerry soon realized that that needed help. Jerry turned off the water. Salted the sidewalks and shook his head. The family decided to put dad in a nursing home. Over time, all the money he had was gone. Jerry was forced to sell the lovely Victorian, mold, and all. Jerry left the basement mold alone.  After all, all basement smell.

Joe was like so many people that let their properties site vacant with heat.  Mold flourished in the house because of the work of Joe.  The basement had at least an inch of water.  Because it was a heated, water was everywhere over the walls. Everything was wet. The basement walls turned black.  It was as if Joe painted them that way. Gerry never bothered to dry up the place or throw out the junk.  He was ill himself.

Joe, The Professional Basement Mold Painter

If you really want to decorate your home with mold, you can learn from Joe, he was a pro.


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