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China Wants American Taxpayers to Pay for Their Environmental Mess, Are You Kidding?

Massive Pollution in  Beijing by Nasa

Massive Pollution in Beijing by Nasa

China is Hoping That U.S. Will Pay for Air Pollution Remediation 

China a very the polluted country. It’s so polluted that a factory burned for 3 days before neighbors realized that it wasn’t smog that they were seeing and breathing, but a fire. The Chinese government has a problem: no one wants to pay to clean up the air. Pres. Obama wants climate control. He is part of a universal effort to create a world climate treaty. The Kyoto Accord has been extended to 2020. China, Russia, Canada and Japan backed out. This accord would have richer nations pay for the cleanup of poor nations. Imagine Americans having to shell out taxpayer dollars, so other countries clean the air. Problem is:  Whenever US aid is sent to a country, corruption of that money ensues.

Here are the reasons, according to Forbes magazine, why China does not want to pay to clean the air.

1 Chinese government is cash-strapped. There is no money to clean the air.

2 Polluters do not want to pay; in fact, they absolutely refuse to do so. And why there is no mandate from the Chinese government to force these polluters to alter their factories to clean the air does not make sense.

3. Local interests are fighting the Chinese government’s attempt to clean the air. They plan on ignoring omission commitments.

4. The country’s oil refineries are responsible for more cars polluting the air. They refuse to make upgrades because the cost will be passed on to drivers.

5. The steel industry will also fight emission requirements. Local officials depend on the tax revenue from steel providers; they too do not want to see emission requirements.

For Obama to get the Chinese on board, he must come to the American taxpayer to foot the bill. He probably will be sly about it: Americans are cash-strapped too and will fight any attempt at increased taxation. It is outrageous that a rich country such as China refuses to pay for environmental cleanup. China will only join a climate treaty if it means money for China. As you remember, the world wants the richer countries to pay for the cleanup of poor countries. Did you know that China is poor?  With current economic upheaval, now is not the time.

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