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Can You Die From Mold Exposure? Ask Dan Pauluk. He’s Dead

Can You Die From Mold Exposure?  You Can’t Ask Dan Anymore…He’s Dead


Suing Nevada Health District Over Unhealthy Conditions

Mold does not sound like something you could die from after some exposure.  Ask Dan Pauluk, Nevada Health Inspector, oh I guess you can’t. He died from toxic mold exposure. What he did leave for others to see was a chronology his last days. According to Darcy Spears of Mr. Pauluk and Lori Boswell, employees of Southern Nevada Health District, have filed a federal lawsuit against the Southern Nevada Health District stating the Health office failed to keep its own buildings healthy.  They were also willfully negligent when it came to the health of their employees.  Several other employees are also considering filing suit.

Too Much Toxic Mold Kills

The building that this Nevada Health Inspector worked out of was full of mold. How did Dan work for the health department and die from the wretched building from which he worked in?   Mold was toxic and slowly killed Dan. Toxic mold can be seen; it was also hidden in the walls.  Thin as a rail, pasty white, he had red blotches all over his body.  When Dan approached his office they ignored him. It seems heartless and cruel.  The government does not acknowledge directly that there can be serious effects from mold. Look at this guy.  He looks like just a step away from death.  Some of us cannot be near mold and Dan was one of them. There is no victory when you die but his wife fights on to seek justice on his behalf.

Dan Kept Records of Everything

Dan kept records including photos of many areas of mold, indicting results of air quality testing, and medical records.

Another Nevada Health Office Sick From Toxic Mold

Lori Boswell is currently disabled, mold illness.




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