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Can Mold Exposure Cause Migraines?


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 Nasty Mold Headaches

Bet you never really connected that mold exposure could cause migraines.  We know that mold allergies can cause sinus pressure and certainly headaches, aches and pains but migraines.? If you are one of the 25% that have a biotoxic reaction to mold, which means your body does not produce antibodies to kill mold toxins, you can have headaches that are so bad that they are misconstrued as migraines according to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, mold specialist and researcher. Really don’t care whether you call them nasty boy headaches, migraines, or not, Dr Shoemaker calls them mistaken migraines, but from personal experience, I call them migraines.

Why Are You Having Nasty Headaches?

How does this happen?  Quite simply, these mold toxins move freely through the body including having the ability to pass the blood brain barrier and wreak havoc on the brain.  Not only can you have severe headaches but also bleeding on the brain if continued to have mold exposure. A scary proposition.

Now What?

So what can you do if you are in these shoes?  First you need to go to a mold doctor like Shoemaker and see through scientific testing and a rather intensive protocol if mold is is the issue. Most doctors and specialists don’t agree with this 21st century diagnosis despite over 1,000 research documents that prove so.  If so, you really need to kill mold in your house and then take measures to prevent mold.  Constant mold exposure is good for no one.

Leaks, Mold & Headaches

Leaks must be immediately repaired. Mold can grow within 24 to 48 hours of water intrusion especially in basements and bathrooms. Do not give mold what it thrives on:  moisture and humidity. If you do not have a basement dehumidifier running, buy one and turn it on to decrease humidity to around 50%.   Place allergy air purifiers throughout the house to snatch mold and effectively kill mold because it is trapped in the HEPA filter.  Wipe everything down with Borax (or biodegradable mold killer) and then HEPA vacuum all surfaces.

Headaches, Memory & Concentration

In the meantime, get treated for the nasty headaches.  They zap your strength, ruin productivity and make your life torture because there is no relief.  Mold exposure can also interfere with concentration and  memory making it is all the more important to kill mold.  These symptoms come along with the headaches.  Guess the good news is that no, you are not going senile! Even if you do not have these symptoms, it is not a good idea to expose your family to mold.  Could mold exposure cause Alzheimer’s; don’t know?  But there is still a lot of learning to be accomplished in medicine.

Have any questions, shoot me an email at  If I don’t’ know, I will find out.  Live healthy…Be Happy!

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