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Another Compound Pharmacy Sold Moldy Drugs!

Nurse Finds Tainted Drugs

Glass_IVNurse finds tainted drugs.  A nurse in a Connecticut hospital discovered floating visible particles in a solution of magnesium sulfate. Little did she know that it was mold. She immediately alerted MedPrep Consulting Inc. of the tainted drugs.  It was later discovered that it was another moldy drug.  We are so grateful for medical staff that pay attention to the little details knowing that someone can get fatally sick from tainted drugs.  It was not long ago when New England Compounding Center distributed toxic moldy steroid shots.  50 people died and over 700 people were seriously ill.  This should have served a notice to MedPrep that they too needed to adhere to strict sanitary  protocols to ensure compounded medicines were not tainted. Somehow the pressure of demand hurries staff and mistakes are made.  Ultimate profit cannot be the driving force in producing these compounded medicines. If demand is there, hire and train more staff.  This is not meant to be a criticism but encouragement to take necessary steps for safety for patients and longevity of the business.  New England Compound Center was ruined over their debacle.  NECC knew that they were shipping moldy drugs and did not stop them. Heinous!  It will be discovered if MedPrep did the same heinous deed.

The Terror of Waiting

Imagine the terror of being notified that you received a moldy IV of a medication.  Terror coming from knowing that healthy people died from similar tainted medication.  It is a wait and see what happens situation.  It will be constantly on the minds of these patients and their families.  Doctors had a hard time treating fungal meningitis cases caused by NECC’s shots.  News of what type of mold was in the magnesium sulfate was not given.  Is this the mold that caused fungal meningitis?  Wait and see. At least MedPrep learned to pull all of its compounded medicines from that specific pharmacy location. (Tinton Falls, N.J.)  It is too early to tell as the last round of moldy shots took 42 days to affect patients from the NECC toxic mold shots. Of interest is the time of shipment and quantity of tainted medicines shipped.  The specific magnesium sulfate mixture was sent to :  Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware hospitals.

Regulations  for Compound Pharmacies Will Change

You can bet that there will be an investigation by FDA and New Jersey Board of Pharmacy.  The states are in charge of regulating compound pharmacies.  States are not doing their job.   Compound pharmacies get around the regulations that manufacturers have to adhere to. They require a script for each medication produced.  This will probably change.  These companies enjoy less regulation.It is obvious that these compound pharmacies are lax when it comes to making sure that conditions are sanitary.  In the interest of public safety, this will probably change.  Lives are at stake.

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