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Stop Mold: Alternative Treatment For Chronic Illness

Researching on behalf of readers alternative treatment for chronic illness, something not familiar and intriguing drew interest.  Thinking about the folks that are always worn out, looking so unhappy, fatigue written all over,it was a battle just to get through the day, it was apparent to look to and outside of traditional medicine.  Some feel that their heads are going to explode as frequent headaches greet them for almost any reason.  No doc can help them either. Medications do nothing.  As so many disabled folks do, one keeps on looking hoping for something new that will actually alleviate suffering.

Here is a link to the ozone hospital site.  Check it our for yourself.  Certainly something that will make you scratch your head thinking what on earth is this?  Leave a comment after viewing.  Maybe you think it is just” hocus pocus”.  There are always new discoveries and things we need to use to improve health not just keep it from getting worse which traditional medicine does.  I for one do not  desire to have headaches every day, wake up feeling worse then you look, taking a pile of medicines that for the most part help drug manufacturers make money but do not improve my health.What does anyone have to lose?  The people reading this article have been to just about every doctor with all kinds of medicines and they still feel lousy.  What doctor ever attempts to restore health?  Is there such a thing?

Without further jabbering here is the link: The Ozone Hospital

A couple of videos to make you think:

Have these folks been helped?  What were their issues?

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