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Air Polllution: Shanghai Smog Sends Kids Inside

Air Pollution:  “Kids Ordered Indoors as Shanghai Smog Reaches Extremely Hazardous Levels”

Associated Press

Chinese Children Ordered to Stay Inside

Chinese Children Ordered to Stay Inside

Associated Press Dec 6, 2013


Just how bad can industrial pollution get? Shanghai is a bloody mess. Kids can’t play outside and really no one should be outside.  They are all prisoners.

Shanghai authorities ordered schoolchildren and doors and hold it all construction Friday as the whole financial hope has suffered one of the worst parts of industrial air pollution bringing visibility down to a few dozen meters. Flight to been delayed securing the city spectacular skyline.

The city is covered in a yellow haze hardly anybody is seen walking the streets.

Harmful PM 2.5 Particles Reach Severely

Harmful PM 2.5 particles reached critical levels of is 602.5 micro grams per cubic meter Friday afternoon. This is the highest level since the city began recording status as last December. Safety guidelines are set at 25 µg by the World Health Organization.

The source of their year is believed to be: coal burning, car exhausts, factory pollution in weather patterns.  In the northeastern city of Harbin, someone recites reported PM rates up to 1000 mcg/L in October when the heating season started.

Usually Shanghai because it is a coastal city has multiple modest air pollution. However recent weather patterns have caused the sincere to be stagnant.

Air Pollution Affects The Delicate Lining of Developing Lungs

Baby 7 by WengMeng.Lee

The environmental group Greenpeace claims the slow-moving, low hanging air masses are carrying factory emissions from Shandong and Jiamgsu, Anhui provinces right the Shanghai. The center the problem lies with excessive industrial emissions in the region including Zhejiang province to the south

“Both Jiangsu and Zhejiang should act as soon as possible to set goals to reduce their coal consumption so that the Yangtze River Delta will be again green with fresh air ,”Huang Wei, a Greenpeace project manager said in a statement .

“Kids ordered indoors as Shanghai smog reaches extremely hazardous levels:

Associated Press

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  1. Judy Garcia says:

    Great article Judy. This is terrible. I am glad they ordered the children to stay indoors.

    • says:

      I agree. Their lungs are so delicate. These toxins are quite harmful It is sad that they cannot run and play and get fresh air.

    • says:

      I worry about what leaches inside. That is why I recommend having mold air purifiers to clean the air. Children need clean air.

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