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About Us

Disabled By Mold


 Disabled by Mold. Here is what you need to know about us.  Why does our website exist. After all, who else would get excited about mold?  Someone that has a reason. My name is Judy Kojadinovich.  I am surviving a biotoxic reaction to mold.  This means there is no ability to create antibodies to mold toxins.  This illness went undiagnosed for a long time.  Big trouble started in 2008 with a coughing virus.  The cough would not go away for a week.  Then came wicked headaches that sent me to a neurologist.  The headaches got worse until I sounded like I was drunk and could not walk. After 2 hospitalizations, there was no help for my headaches.  As time went on, mold toxins attacked every system in my body.  I lost a lot of weight.  The neurologist diagnosed me with anorexia.  I told him I could be having a problem with diabetes and mold. Yet my A1c was normal. He strolled over to my allergist and asked if I had problems with mold. The allergist said no. Finally after seeing an endocrinologist, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Also discovered is just unbelievable.  Here is the list: Type 1 diabetes, high blood pressure, migraines, constant headaches, Barrett’s Esophagus, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis Reynaud’s Phenomenon, Vitamin D deficiency, airway restrictive disease as well as asthma. I am a walking disaster.

Getting a Mold Illness Diagnosis

On a hunch, my primary Care Doctor, an open minded Dr. Pilgram, sent me to someone he knew, Dr. Shoemaker; a Dr. who treats people with mold problems.  Dr. Shoemaker did an 2.5 hour  evaluation including testing my eyesight, lung capacity, reviewing my health history and the results of my many blood tests.  He explained what was wrong with me.  I had a biotoxic reaction to mold. Of course I had to have the biotoxic reaction to mold which can lead to a zillion health problems. Biotoxic Reaction To Mold  He explained that the mold toxins are able to cross the blood brain barrier therefore the bad headaches. Sounds simple but I live near the wetlands and most people do not know have mold in their houses.  I take a cholesterol drug to pull out the mold toxins.  While not finished with treatment until I am in a mold free home (Mold free as can be), I wait to see if I can regain any of my health. At this time I experience constant headaches, frequent migraines, and am in general pain all the time.  Hard to make a website under these conditions.

*This website is dedicated to those who have asthma, allergies, mold allergies and the many conditions associated with mold. May you recover and regain your health.*

Urgent Need To Educate People About Mold Exposure

Because of personal experience, my research is ongoing. I found that doctors will not acknowledge that mold can make you so sick. They think you need psychiatric help. It is time to challenge doctors that they need to be more open-minded and learn about mold.

There is also a great need to help consumers understand just how important it is to follow the steps outlined in this website. I learned by experience. Mold can completely ruin your health and home.

Here is a bit of what I learned.  Allergy air purifiers clean the air of so much:  mold, germs, bacteria, pollen etc… They should be used anywhere there are people.  HEPA vacuums are the only vacuums that should be sold. They snatch up dead mold spores after you clean. Our houses are 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside air. Once I learned what is in the air in my house, I bought allergy air purifiers for my entire house.  If you don’t dehumidify the basement, you have mold. With water intrusion in half of all homes/buildings (according to NIH), there are many homes with mold.

Stop Mold Cold Is Here To Keep You Be Healthy

We provide what you need to kill mold and prevent mold. Don’t ignore mold in your house; it makes mold allergies, allergies, asthma and any breathing conditions worse. It can also render your home uninhabitable, even gorgeous mansions.

Purchase a basement dehumidifier, allergy air purifiers, and a HEPA vacuum from us.  Our suppliers are the best in the business with what you need to fit your budget. There are great sales, clearance items and often free shipping.  Anything purchased through us is safe. Please feel free to check out our products and what they do. New information is added on a continual basis to help you.  The main point of our business is to provide the healthiest home you can live in.

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Striving to Keep You Up To Date

This site is constantly updated with the latest news and info that you will find valuable.  Keep checking back. Your health is important. Where else can you learn that a baby’s pacifier can have mold in it?

We are an affiliate site and make a commission on items sold.  We are not a direct distributor of products. However, we will make available all you need to kill mold in your house.  Our company is built on integrity, honesty and pledge to give our best to our customers.  We personally use these products because they are necessary in every home to clean the air, kill mold and prevent mold and other biological contaminants, and promote healthy living. I, for one, do not want any more health problems.

Your Personal Information Is Safe:
If you release information to us, be advised that no information will be passed on to any other company.  Your information is secure.  The site is sure with a security protection. Please feel free to leave feedback. We value your input.  Have a fantastic day.  Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Judy Garcia says:

    Hi Judy,
    My Daughter is going through this right now. How do you get help. Her doctor put her in the hospital under 24 hr watch because she thought see was having a mental break down. We live in north eastern Colorado. No one will help her. She has petree dishes full of mold. She set them in each room of her house they starting see stuff grow immediately. She can’t send them in because they don’t have enough money. They want $50.00 for the Lab. Help

    Thank you,

    Judy Garcia

  2. I just discovered your site and really enjoy your posts. I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 and my doctor wants to put me on medications right away. I told him that I want to try reversing it by improving my diet and getting some physical activity. (I’ve been a couch potato for years.) I just read a free book that describes how to do this — and tells the stories of 15 “ex-diabetics” who have kicked diabetes out of their lives this way. The book is titled “Diabetes Heroes” and it is free at BTW … Have you seen this YouTube video about one of these ex-diabetic who beat Type 2? See: It is so inspiring!

    • I want to encourage you that yes you can do it. Diabetes can do a lot of harm if you let it go. But, you can beat it by eating right and exercising and getting proper rest.. You will be so much healthier and feel so much better for doing so. Another suggestion for you, eat small frequent meals. The diabetic diet that I was placed on when I had gestational diabetes is a highly nutritious diet that I incorporated after I delivered my children. I realize that you are not pregnant but you would benefit from such a diet. Limit the number of carbs you eat per meal and make them good ones. Write me back as I would love to hear how you make out. Best of wishes. Let me know how successful you become. (By the way, I am a very healthy Type 1 diabetic.)

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