Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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5 Toxic Molds to Kill and Prevent

Basement Mold Growing by threadseven

Basement Mold Growing by threadseven

How deadly is toxic mold and what is it? Toxic mold is a term used to describe molds considered potentially deadly to humans.  They are the “beware of molds”.  Mold can be destructive and deadly.  Essentially there are 5 major groups of toxic mold that are essential to kill and prevent. There are hundreds of species considered deadly to humans. Toxic molds can produce mycotoxins or poison.

5 Toxic Molds:
4 Aspergillus

Some of these toxic molds can produce hay fever and allergic like symptoms while other folks are not so lucky.  They can end up with pulmonary edema, brain or nerve damage and even death.  Stachybotyrs is considered the bad boy of molds as it is the most deadly. This is the black mold  that many associate with fatality.


Stachybotrys Symptoms: 

1.Hay Fever like symptoms
2.Respiratory and Sinus Congestion
3.Sore Throat and Hacking Cough
4.Central Nervous System Issues
6.Serious Liver Damage
7.Pulmonary Edema
8.Brain or Nerve Damage very serious!

This is the mold that killed 8 infants in Cleveland from 1994 to 1996 were due to plumbing leaks flooding and cigarette smoke.  Tragic.  The most susceptible to serious illness from this toxic mold are the very young, children due to developing lungs and the elderly.  Stachybotrys is a greenish black color.  It rapidly grows, maturing in 4 days according to Dr. Fungus.

Color of Stachybotyrs:  cottony turns black in 4 days.

Cladosprium,Fusarium, and Penicillium:
These molds are connected to the following conditions:

1.  Nail Fungus
2. Asthma
3.  Lung Infections
4. Liver and Kidney Disease
5.  Female Reproductive Damage

 Cladosproium :  with chronic exposure can cause:  pulmonary edema and emphysema


Around 160 species. There are 16 species that can greatly affect human health. Here are some of the toxic molds according to black mold awards

Pink Mold on Bread by Zaktari

Pink Mold on Bread by Zaktari

They are and what they cause:
1.aspergillus clavatus
2.aspergillus flavus
3.aspergillus fumigatus:  occurs in decomposing organic matter; causes infections in humans more than any other aspergillus species; folks that handle this species can develop severe allergic reaction to mold. Color:  surface is blue/green underneath:  white or tan
4.aspergillus glaucus
5.aspergillus nidulans
6.aspergillus niger:  most abundant aspegillus species; causes fungal ball in lungs, hearing loss, hearingColor:  surface is black  underneath:  white or yellow
7.aspergillus oryzae
8.aspergillus terreus
9.aspergillus ustus
10.aspergillus versicolor

Aspergilllus Symptoms:
1.Allergic Bronchpulmonary Aspergiliosis:  caused by hypersensitivity to aspergillus spores. This essentially becomes a breathing problem treated with steroids and anti-fungal meds.
2.Acute Invasive Aspergiliosis:  grows in cavities in the body; usually created by something like a  fungal ball grows causing the patient to cough up blood, have problems breathing, malaise, and weight loss.  Treated with anti-fungal meds, like Itraconazole  which are shot into where the fungal ball is..
3.Disseminated Immune Aspergiliosis:  Aspergillus can be toxic due to Aflatoxins (carcinogens) which are especially toxic to:  kidneys, brain and heart.cladi

This is a short list of what thought to be seems to be between 100,000 to 400,000 varieties of mold.

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