Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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Prevent Mold: 5 Reasons to Dehumidify Your Basement

 Dehumidify Your Basement (Basement Dehumidifier) or Have a Mold

1.  Prevent mold before it has a chance to grow by keeping basement dry. Dehumidify your basement with basement dehumidifiers or have a moldy one. Basements are naturally wet.  The only way to keep mold from growing is to remove moisture from the air by a basement dehumidifier.  Dehumidify your basement means to remove water from the air in your basement.

2.  Prevent mold:  Basements are below grade and are wet, dark and damp places. The only sure way to keep your basement dry is to dehumidify your basement with a basement dehumidifier. .

3. Prevent Mold:   Basement mold grows on any porous and non- porous surface. Open the basement door it spreads through the house.  Invisible in the air, you won’t notice until it starts to smell and stink like mold. Ignoring your basement is a mistake. A Basement dehumidifier must run; don’t turn it off to save money. Running HVAC system is not enough.

Mold Exposure Can Make Everyone Sick

Another Asthma Attack From Mold Exposure

Another Asthma Attack From Mold Exposure

4.   Prevent mold:  Mold exposure affects health of everyone in the house. Start in the basement keep it dry:  dehumidify your basement,  prevent mold from growing because it is too late.

Some get hit harder then others.  Healthy people feel lousy  recover once out of  mold.  If you never leave the house, you’re constantly exposed.  Mold triggers:  asthma, allergies, mold allergies, and mold illness. Mold illness  causes:  asthma, chronic pain & fatigue, headaches…  These folks lack  immune response to create antibodies to kill mold toxins.  Other problems:  concentrating, memory problems… even emphysema & bleeding on the brain.

Dehumidify Your Basement and Keep Dry All Areas of Your Home

5. Chemical – off gassing thrives in high humidity.  Sounds really nasty.  It is. Prevent mold; prevent chemical off-gassing.  Pretty much everything you own has chemicals leaching out in high humidity:  carpeting, furniture, make-up, hobby supplies, construction materials, paints, etc.  Some items contain known carcinogens:  VOCs  Volatile Organic Compounds;  Toluene, Formaldehyde, Radon, & carcinogens in cigarette smoke, Styrene used in making plastic and more…Think of paints, construction supplies, hobby products…stored in your basement. Dehumidify your basement with basement dehumidifier.  Dry wet areas. Basement dehumidifiers dry the air. Prevent mold & chemical off-gassing:  dehumidify your basement and use dehumidifiers anywhere it’s wet.

Here are 5 reasons to dehumidify your basement: use basement dehumidifier to prevent mold.  You will have a basement that doesn’t smell live in a healthy home. Prevent mold; start in the basement where it is usually found. Dehumidify your basement; it is a natural place for mold to grow because it’s too wet. Basement dehumidifier needs to be purchased for size and wetness of basement to work well. For the most part, if a basement is without basement dehumidifier running, it’s moldy. Important point: keep basement surfaces and air dry.

Dehumidifier: One of the Leading Ways to Dehumidify Your Basement:

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