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16 Points to Dry the Basement

Prevent Basement Mold:  Dry The Basement

Severe Basement Mold by Olawale

What causes basements to be wet? Why do you dry the basement?   As stated, most cases of mold start in the basement. Basements are naturally warm, dark and damp.  Basements are an ideal place for mold. Don’t ignore the rotten smell coming from the basement. Figure out why your basement is wet.  Basement mold means your house is unhealthy.   Starting in the basement, if you smell mold and mildew you have mold. To prevent mold, dry the air. Basement Dehumidifiers are workhorses of preventing mold. Yet, we need to make sure no other water is leaking in.

1. Basement Mold occurs naturally because basements are warm, dark and damp. Perfect for mold growth. That is why you need to actively dry the basement with a basement dehumidifier.

2. Leaks occur due to groundwater pressure on the foundation.

3. Mold grows within 24 to 48 hours of water intrusion. So be quick about drying the basement especially after water intrusion.

4. Dirt crawl spaces transpire and produce mold growth. Cover with plastic sheeting and use a crawlspace dehumidifier. Keep this area dry and monitor humidity.

5. Some basements flood with heavy rain. Homeowners must dry  the basement quickly preferably with a sump pump and basement dehumidifier. Pitch in by sweeping water at the drain.  If still wet, expect mold growth within 24 to 48 hours.

6. Ground sloping towards the foundation can cause mold. Slope away from the foundation.

7.  Cracks in foundation walls occur over time. Waterproofing breaks down over time. Stop leaks ASAP.

8.  Keep downspouts from pointing water towards the foundation.

9. No carpeting in the basement. There is no way to keep a basement dry enough to stop mold in basement carpeting.

10. Water droplets on basement pipes are sign of high humidity. Wrap them.

11. Vent dryer to the outside.

12. Keep basement ventilated. Use fans to keep air moving.

13. Keep doors open in basement rooms. Closed rooms create the perfect environment for mold growth:  warm, dark and damp. Lacks ventilation which assists in preventing mold.

14. Prevent mold by constantly running a basement dehumidifier. Prevent mold and stop mold by lowering humidity to 50%, Mold cannot grow that humidity level.

15. Most common place to find mold is the basement according to the National Institute of Health.

16. People need to equate moldy basements with an unhealthy home.

Use a Basement Dehumidifier to Dry The Air

Moist air passes over evaporation coils pulling out moisture and returning drier air to the basement.  Essentially, basement dehumidifiers dry the  air removing moisture thereby preventing mold. Air Conditioners cool the air but pull very little moisture out of the air.  To prevent mold, basement dehumidifiers maintain humidity at 50% or lower.

Basements Should Not Stink: Prevent Mold

Basements should not stink,so what are you going to do about it? If your basements smells like mold and mildew, it is unhealthy with obvious mold problems.  Ignoring your basement by pitching items down there and never checking the basement means you are inviting mold.  If you open the basement door and are floored by mold and mildew, you now have a mold problem.  Keep the basement dry.

Other Tips to Keep the Basement Dry:

  1. Use fans to promote air circulation.
  2. Open any doors and vent with fans outside to remove colder, damper air.  Some older homes have “bilco” doors that can be opened.
  3. Periodically check on your basement especially if you do not use it often.  With ground water pressure and age, cracks appear and mold does not take long to appear.  It can take as little as 24 to 48 hours.

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